Wednesday, August 31, 2016

WAFFLES Breakfast All Day-Shelf Staple

Part 3

YUMMY CRUNCHY-meet the new bagel=WAFFLES!


Pancakes with abs??? 
BETTER. Waffles-especially takes on the Dutch version stroopwafel-more equivalent to a cookie- and the traditional Belgian style (fyi-the Brussels style are square).

ALL are crispy crunchy-buttery-and addictive.

At the Fancy Food Show-we saw shelf stable waffles-in snack and meal sizes, freshly made samples and heated up frozen kinds- that are convenient.

crispy DUTCH WAFFLES-traditionally called stroopwafel-have caramel syrup taste- great when heated 

Swoffle -gluten free, organic, non-GMO, kosher=a crispy buttery treat inspired by the traditional Dutch stroopwafel.
French vanilla and the original caramel...
Red Velvet Cinnamon Roll, Berry Berry Patriotic (and not pictured Double Chocolate) all exclusive to Walmart-by Waffle Waffle- other flavors too-widely available-are crispy chewy in  texture...Liege-Belgium waffle style
snack size-Waffle Waffle individually wrapped-very handy

Really from Belgium PRINCE WAFFLES-showed off crispy Liege style, rich chocolate or custard filled--and fruit filled-waffles-are shelf stable-as long as that shelf is in the freezer-these amply filled fruit filled waffles (not pictured-cherry)...can be heated from frozen or thawed in the oven or toaster. We tried the Berry Berry-and impressive-real fruit chunks of all kinds of berries and red currants...buttery crispness comes from real butter.
Julian's Recipe Waffle Thins-crispy wafers are shelf stable with 5 grams of protein per serving in the zesty ginger with chia seeds and assuage, rosemary and olive oil flavors with cheese.... at the show-these were hailed as an alternative to sandwich bread-or hamburger buns-which we thought was nifty.
Julian's Recipe Waffle Thins-crispy wafers are shelf stable with 5 grams of protein per serving-in yummy (we tried) Meyer Lemon with quinoa and Wildflower Honey&Oats with flax seeds. 
WHAY ELSE...Honey Stinger's Organic regular and gluten-free waffle crisps are USDA organic devour-able treats 100 calories apiece-thin crunchy...gone in 3 bites-sweet snacks for those on the go.

Crepes are not as 'hot' a food trend-but none-the less-still popular-pictured-BELGIAN BOYS CREPES also have a snack, individually packaged,  shelf stable chocolate+strawberry flavored Liege Wafels.