Monday, August 8, 2016



Unless one lives in a self-contained bubble, thinks like one -or maybe-is running for public office, there's no denying climate change. It's why it is SOP that tech materials' trick out performance -outdoor footwear and apparel for wearers' comfort in all kinds of weather...multi-tasking for Spring like Decembers and winter like Springs.

There are many textile companies with measurable thermo-regulating products-aimed at keeping wearers cooler -or warmer-by getting rid of the wet/sweat-helping to maintain real comfort when active or at rest.

FYI: The ideal body temp of 37.5Cº happens to be the descriptive name of a Colorado based company-who has a patented tech that works to - enhance fabrics by capturing and releasing moisture vapors away from  fabrics-via active particles permanently embedded in the yarn captures heat from the body's infrared energy to speed evaporation, cool itself...and dry faster too.

Upshot is next to skin comfort-enhancing insulation by managing moisture climate (claminess) helping to banish overheating caused by humidity buildup-during high output activities-(less layers of clothing=less weight).

Another bonus-less moisture means less post workout freeze-what we usually get-after long outdoor runs in the winter.

And for premium performance outerwear/footwear/accessories- 37.5 teched-out extremely breathable polyurethane fabrics...have excellent vapor transmission rates-for primo breathable/waterproof -available in 2.5 layer or the world's first 3.5 layer. An interesting use of body heat to speed evaporation..for inside and outside fabric dryness.

There's a lot of science behind 37.5 technology which has always been sustainably sourced from coconut shells and volcanic durable, anti-odor, and UV worthy.

FYI: every time we attend Outdoor Retailer/SIA-there are more and more apparel/footwear companies-big and small... using 37.5.

Some Highlights:

For Fall 2016...Homeschool Outerwear  chose 37.5 technology to for its well designed, functional and classic designs-in its snowboard jackets/pants.
Function with no compromises, Homeschool outerwear for snowboarders out there in waist deep powder to  freezing foggy days..Pictured-from the Baker series-uses the 37.5 technology for warmer/dryer rides. What else-this NW company's clean timeless designs has all the bells and whistles we expect in snowboarding outerwear-pit zips, YKK Aquaguard zippers, hood cinch with wind hater hood, cuff closures-deployable deep powder ones, wrist gaiters, waist adjuster, inside stowable powder skirt+pass pockets, media pocket, goggle stash pocket..and pant to jacket attachment interface...pictured here Universe IV Parka durable CONTINUUM 3.5L shell (20,000mm/25,000)-powered by 37.5 technology. Fully taped seams and RECCO- too...looks good and performs tops.

inside...see construction-waterproof fully taped seams, powder men's and women's styles

Heavier Days Pants-boot gussets, Recco avalanches system, boot gaiters, thigh vents, PU coated abrasion panels, external waist adjustment,  fully taped seams -waterproof/breathable-CONTINUUM 3.5L shell (20,000mm/25,000)-powered by 37.5 technology

For Spring 2017...we got a sneak peak at the Carhartt fly-fishing bib their sales team who raved about the all day comfort, breathable/waterproof separates that imo-real break-throughs in that activity that garners more participants every year.

In fact, 37.5 and Carhartt formed a partnership for the later's entire work wear collection=Force Extremes®. Very cool.

Tommy Bahama shirt for lucky guys-the go to shirt at an Outdoor Media event we attended...
Tommy Bahama-37.5 active particle technology captures and releases moisture vapor to maintain optimum body temps + relative humidity in the body, Island Zone shirt-cotton w/ 37.5 yarns,Nice
Look for 37.5 tech in Kenneth Cole's AWEARENESS- Men's Wearhouse suits...for the guys that still have to wear a suit...

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