Thursday, August 25, 2016

Savory, Smoky, Pickled, Pumpkin, Bacon,Turmeric ...


Part One:

Fancy Food Show, Editor Showcase

Step aside sriracha ---the new trendy flavors tantalize the sweet, salty, sour spectrum -and reflect consumers broadening of world inspired tasty accents.

What else? Bacon STILL finds its way into condiments, candy and chocolate---coinciding with the rise in plant based alternatives foods/drinks we saw at the most recent Fancy Foods Show.

Some highlights:


Sauerkraut goes gourmet-as a side dish or as an elegant topper to all American hot dog. Cleveland Kraut Gnar Gnar-spicy hot. FYI-source of probiotics-fermented foods are.

 Cleveland Kraut Beet Red raw fermented sauerkraut slightly sweet

Pacific Pickle Works Bruussizzle Sprout-quartered up Brussel Sprouts that redefine that cabbage family vegetable-A SOFI WINNER too...outstanding appetizer...tangy -semi-sweet-from a California company specializes in new takes on spicy'em right out of the jar too. $9.95/jar
SOFI winner-outstanding appetizer
Pickled cherries? We wrote up Olive & Sinclair for their Bourbon and Smoked Nib Nashville TN company uses same high quality for its sweet-tangy Seersucker Candy Co. Cherry Bombs-high quality -Fair Trade ingredients -including home roasted single -source chocolate,+ buttermilk fondant- over pickled maraschino cherries. It actually works. 8 count-4 oz $16.99. Nice vintage packaging too.


Stonewall Kitchen...sauces, spice blends - rubs are all enticing-no wonder their gift sets are popular-with mash-ups of honey, BBQ maple, espresso, chipotle...and its Texas Rub-a smoky blend of  sweet-smoky (brown sugar, molasses, garlic) Lone Star State BBQ
the CHAAT Co. -a West 23rd Street-NYC entity (impressed)-SUPER POPULAR -these incredible crunchy creamy eats-Savory Yogurt Snack-got a lot of positive buzz at the Fancy Food Show-so we expect copy cats that won't be as good. A recent jaunt to highlight- the street food of course--included savory hot-cold yogurt fusions-  and lentil based crisps=delicious staple-we expect to see this product picked up by a lot of retail outlets. Convenient cute packaging too...using rich whole milk and bonus no added sugar (dairy has enough naturally imo) and no palm oil which seems to plague the big brands.. Pictured-three flavors-front to back Cucumber Mint (cucumber, sea salt, spearmint, lime juice tangy cooling taste), Tamarind Date (date and tamarind seed paste-sweet chewy texture) and hottest blend-Mango Chili (mangoes, ground chili, sea salt, green chili peppers)...all with lentil puffs that themselves are stackable-made with turmeric, cumin and sea salt. NON-GMO, Gluten Free, grass fed-no growth hormones ever- cows-providing the milk-yogurt is loaded with probiotics, fyi 

Turci Spray Sauces are a portion -calorie controlled way to impart full flavor on a variety of protein staples+salads. From Italy-family owned biz-BBQ Sauce Spray-smoky -tart -with a apple vinegar-tomato paste blend -and lemon, chili, garlic. The one spray is low calorie-but our experience -usually use a few -but still-relatively low calorie and VERY  shelf staple-flavorable way to add accents to vegetables+meats. 
Smoked Maple Syrup from VERMONT's Sugar Bob's... low temp high tech blend of darkest pure maple syrup and beech wood smoke -a dynamic blend that is strong accent-atop grilled meats, in marinades, dressings, soups, stews, or even cocktails. 

Smoky Ginger Peach Spread-one of several spreads made by The Gracious Gourmet... with real ingredients-no preservatives- peaches, sugar, lime juice, spices, natural liquid smoke, and salt. Delicious-and versatile- atop meats, poultry, shellfish and as a nice set tangy counterbalance to tangy full sheep/goat cheeses...or as an unusual pop to vanilla ice cream.

Biena Chickpea Snacks...lots of aromatic-spice bites-including these tasty medium spiced Rockin Ranch -salt, sugar, tomato, garlic onion, hint of mustard- flavors-and (not pictured) BBQ...are deliciously filling, naturally blessed with fiber and high protein...these gluten free -Non-GMO snacks...worthy of entreé status-as well as healthy snack that is just as crunchy satisfying as the usual chips! Frankly, we like all the flavors-especially the spicier ones


The Carolina Nut Co. 14 (!!!) flavors -including several spiced up North Carolina-USA grown colossal peanuts-the smoky bacon-ranch--in airtight container -preserves flavors...there's an authentic tasting Dilled Pickle-salty-vinegar nuts, too...

Java To Go-Bacon Maple-southern style-smokey with sweetness of maple syrup
Vosges luxury chocolates- rival some of the high-end French for its luscious premium quality. Mo's Dark chocolate bar is made of all natural fruitwood smoked bacon hand chopped into fine nibbles, aromatic aldlewood smoked salt blended into 45% cacao  deep milk chocolate. $8.00/bar 
The Bacon Jams Bacon Spread-a result of true labors of love to get JUST RIGHT-pictured l-r-black pepper, original and red chile-garlic flavors...versatile-sweet salty bacon flavors (brown sugar+onion)-works with creamy goat cheese (pictured)-or as a bump up for everyday hamburgers.
TBJ Gourmet-sample pack is $39.99 online
TERRAPIN RIDGE FARMS-condiments-cheese topper...heats up the sweet-smoky bacon jam with hot pepper-smooth way to liven up cool creamy eats. Online for $6.40 Hot Pepper Bacon Jam-gets its heat from roasted red and jalapeño peppers, with sugar, bacon, lemon juice, brown sugar,  natural smoke flavoring, turmeric in the savory mix that versatile addition to a lot of recipes-appetizers like dollop on cream cheese/crackers=so easy and tasty.
Terrapin Ridge gluten free Bacon Tomato Ranch Dressing dresses up lettuce -also good as a veggie dip

Hatch chili  +green and red bell peppers give some heat-crushed pineapple gives some sweetness, apple cider vinegar-gives some tangy tart to smoky ginger bacon-creamy dip with some heat-Hatch Chili Bacon Ranch Dip is preservative and gluten free. Online for $6.40