Friday, August 26, 2016

PUMPKIN and TURMERIC--New Hot Flavors Part 2

No longer a holiday only flavor---pumpkin gets some love year round:

URBAN ACCENTS aka "your culinary wingman™" has a slew of convenient well flavored pumpkin tagines, simmer sauces that will transport any dish to an exotic location . Pictured above-a spicy take on Mexican Chile Pumpkin Mole-a pumpkin-tomato,garlic, onion simmer sauce based in chicken broth...just add veggies or chicken-dish is complete.

Urban Accents Indian Coconut Pumpkin Curry simmer sauce-takes savory spices turmeric, nutmeg, ginger, cumin+coriander-with a hint of coconut-in warm pumpkin blend.

Moroccan Apricot Pumpkin Tagine-North African coriander, cinnamon, cardamon, red pepper and cloves even up this thick pumpkin simmer sauce.

Terrapin Ridge Pumpkin Honey Mustard-pumpkin, cinnamon sugar, nutmeg+allspice blended with honey mustard to adorn grilled cheese, vegetables like carrots-or goat brie...

Lindt USA-premium chocolates get a fab Fall limited addition in this melt in your mouth PUMPKIN SPICE  Truffle-a  milk chocolate truffle shell surrounding a creamy pumpkin filling-that is sinfully smooth-subtly spiced. -in 2 sizes...5.1oz ($4.39) and 8.5oz ($6.99)--and in large gift bags too.

Addictive Nonni's Biscotti-mercifully come single wrapped (110 calories per)-have added a Dark Chocolate Pumpkin flavor to its winning lineup of crispy rich cookie/biscuit mash-ups-an inspired American flavorful take on the Italian staple...with  brown sugar, cinnamon and molasses sweetness, hints of almonds, indulgent butter and chocolate. Yummy.
MOOSE MUNCH Gourmet Popcorn-Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Pie...oversized buttery caramel coated popcorn with chewy chocolate and pumpkin flavored with hint ginger and cloves. There is a crunchy crispness to the popcorn-nice mix of textures with each bite. 

A natural anti-inflammatory-Turmeric-long a fav spice in Indian curries and as a supplement... is showing up as a main ingredient in beverages and sophisticated spice blends.

Numi Organic Tea Turmeric Tea-come in four blends...pictured-the Three Roots blend-earthy turmeric with natural sweetness of licorice+spicy ginger-aimed at mental clarity+grounding. Tasty enough especially with a dab of honey!

Pukka Organic Teas...the tasty Tumeric Gold got the iced treatment at our house...with stevia made a refreshing slightly spicy thirst quenching drink. Just one cup  is loaded with anti-oxidants.

Pukka which means authentic-gets bonus points for sustainable certified packaging -printed with vegetable inks, biodegradable tea bags, organic cotton string and compostable tags- for all of its 24 types of teas(!!)-and is a member of 1% for the Planet.

THE SPICE HEALING SPICES...are handy ways of benefiting form the natural properties of anti-inflammatory turmeric and cinnamon (not pictured). The 4 oz glass jars-seal up preserve the powders. On the left-the Turmeric Tea-is nice way to have a beverage-all it takes is some hot water-and a generous teaspoon (more if like bold flavor)-mix it up-and the tea is ready. The Turmeric Tea-has ground- turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and black pepper-for full spicy flavor-we sweetened up with stevia. Another way to enjoy-Chai Tea-mixed it in almond milk.
The Turmeric Black Pepper seasoning-(the latter aids in the absorption of turmeric's healing properties) made of turmeric and black pepper...a little goes a long way-mix with olive oil or yogurt, add a bit of garlic for a healthy-tasty salad dressing.