Friday, August 19, 2016


The Cutting Edge Walking Shoe That 'Shows" The Way +LECHAL Technology

When we're walking around a new to us city laid out on the grid system...we're still fidgeting with a map-(smartphone screens too small for that)...let alone in our own hometown-when we venture to those now hip outer boroughs-or even the West Village where 4th street insanely intersects with 10th street....ahhh.
The solution: HI TEC finally conjures up a tech-tricked out footwear-wearable tech -that we'd actually want.

We fell in LOVE with Hi Tec's new Navigator Low i WP (waterproof) walking shoe-that IS genius- has India's Lechal technology in the insoles (yes controlled by a GPS app)...that deftly deploys this guiding software originally designed to aid blind individuals. 

Navigator is built well and lightweight at 650 grams--the Dri-Tec waterproof breathable membrane keeps feet dry and comfy via i-Shield technology-custom MICHELIN durable rubber outsole coupled with impact absorbing XLR8>>midsole is flexible and responsive-providing great grip on various surfaces
 How it works-the state of the art hepatic LECHAL vibrating pod...pictured above in its square charging station -gets placed int eh specifically designed insole...synchs with a smartphone via Bluetooth--one enters a destination in the Navigator app (Apple/Android compatible)-then violà-the embedded pod gives off responsive vibrations-different ones depending- that are noticeably felt-not annoying, for when one needs to make a turn-or has missed one...allowing for hands free navigation that it felt not heard. There are separate vibrations in the right and left sole for specific when/where alerts.
Limited distribution sales dates for the USA -September 2016 $299....for more info:


the Lechal vibrating pod slips in here
No more fumbling with maps or electronic navigation systems ...available for men only though.
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