Thursday, August 18, 2016

ATHLETE GALS Best Beauty Bets

Fierce beauty...requires scrutiny.


Since the skin absorbs 90% of what gets put on it (think about that next time one reads products labels full of indecipherable chemicals)...women are scrutinizing beauty ingredients that lack much (really any it seems)FDA -USA government oversight-vs the EU...resembling food ingredients.

DUH...that's why sales of natural indie beauty brands-skincare products and cosmetics-are booming...with these often home grown businesses finding customers by way of reviews and celeb endorsements-that aren't even paid for.

We recently learnt of a USDA ORGANIC line of skin care and cream sunscreen that really impressed us Sanre Organic Skinfood,

Hailing from Georgia-the mountain part where the AT trail starts, a family - run  SANRE Organic Superfood makes a slew of products...all gluten free and non-GMO...cruelty free and no alcohol in the mix! AND USDA ORGANIC imo-highest eco rating. Seriously.

SANRE Organic Skinfood lip moisturizers come in tasty flavors-we tried the chocolate lips one- $4.99 -moist soothing not waxy-with  ALL organic almond oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, honey and geranium essential oils- plus organic cocoa powder for flavor. Yummy indeed. We find we need a lot of moisturizer lip help throughout the day and night-so good to know we are not putting chemicals on. 
Already on our daily must list---the spray ROSY FRESH toner - is smartly packaged-like all the other creams-moisturizers- in ingredient preserving dark green glass not plastic-which can leach toxic liners like BPA. WHAT WE LOVE-the toner is a hot weather antidote to city grime- use by shaking it up-then  2-3 sprays on a cotton pad- enough to swipe away dirt and remnants of those facial masques-that we started using daily thanks to K Beauty. This toner really is good for all skin types-with ORGANIC ALL witch hazel, healing arnica and chamomile, hydrating  aloe vera, soothing rose essential oil, naturally anti-bacterial tea tree oil and revitalizing anti-ager green tea. This is really an impressive product-maybe they need to sell this in a larger size...and competitively priced $25.99 versus other like products by so called 'natural'companies -corporation owned-that aren't USDA organic and lack this outstanding ingredient list. Just saying. There is also a toner for oily skin-Lemon Sparkle with ORGANIC ALL lemon, sage, lavender, chamomile and sweet orange essential oils. WOW. 
We also tried the Anti-Aging Eye Serum-that is well packaged in a small bottle with a pump top/dropper dispenser. The texture is more like a facial oil, fyi-so only a tiny drop is needed per eye--- lightly applied-it absorbs in about 2 minutes. Good for overnight treatment-def for dry or mature skin- $33.99- it contains organic essential oils including scar minimizer rosehip seed and antiseptic -stimulating fennel- that smooths wrinkles/hydrates and CoQ10-a powerful anti-oxidant that protects skin.
 The Eye Candy Cream- is lighter whitish cream- with purified water and organic aloe vera in the mix-we' say this product is good for day use- our eye makeup stayed put once the lightly patted on cream sunk in. FYI there is a complete line of day/night creams as well as the as yet to try cream sunscreens with active ingredients zinc oxide and titanium oxide (bonus points  for using both!!!!) -that are ALSO highly rated by EWG -our skincare online Bible. Not tried also-the SANRE cleansers and face masques

BONUS POINTS-eco packaging in ingredient preserving recyclable green glass, small production with very little heat to ensure ingredient integrity, and sourcing from organic Fair Trade suppliers. We asked about the screw top jars-as we feel this exposes ingredients to degrade faster than airless pump bottles. SO in reply-the owners told us their products have an 18 month shelf life...and storing their products in a cool dry place not humid filled bathrooms-will protect the skincare ingredients since no chemical preservatives are used. We stashed the Eye Candy anti-aging eye cream in the refrigerator for a cooler application.
Goddess Garden's new mineral based skin care sources natural and organic ingredients for its sun repairing mission...including Face The Day SPF sunscreen and firming primer on sale for $13.50 to smooth and protect the skin using plant derived vitamin B3, chicory root and buddleja (butterfly bush), and rich Dream Repair-that uses ingredients like chicory root, mango extract and licorice root to nourish, brighten and lift damaged skin. Price wise-just above mass merchant-all under $ we assume this line will be VERY widely available for sale-just like the sunscreens. BONUS POINTS-a Certified B Corporation.

After a long workout-we have RITUALS that include reviving sprays of filtered water fragrantly embellished with  nourishing, pure, gluten free-non-GMO  ROSE WATER from Nielsen- Massey. The bottle we use is the ultra- fine misting Curl Keeper H2O aluminum bottle $15- in theory is for hair-but emits finer droplets than typical bottle sprays, AND an epsom salt bath is a must-- we add several capfuls of the  ROSE WATER too to hydrate and chill out...followed by application of Topricin's  MyPainAway™ Sports Cream -a proven healer-seriously...with its cornucopia of natural homeopathic ingredients-it gets slathered on our aching calves prior to a foam roller 'workout' and our shoulders after a swim practice. BONUS POINTS Topricin is a Certified B Corporation!!!!