Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Athletic ladies have always used multi-tasking cosmetics/skincare that keeps up with their busy lifestyles and sweaty faces-but it's been the  success of female teams on the world stage (World Cup-soccer, the Olympics in particular)-that has really (imo) given instagram worthy pics of natural to downright glammy glittery appearances -looks.

For the minimalists...sunscreen is a must

For proof of just how critical blocking out UVA/UVB/IVC rays with a solid broad spectrum rated 30SPF or higher, is -just check out any age group amateur competition-for stark differences in skin quality and texture amongst humans of the same age. It's not just genetics.

transition area of recent triathlon

We always use physical sunblocks with active ingredients of zinc oxide and/or titanium oxide . OUR experience in endurance events-find these usually white creamy physical block formula(s)-last longer, block out the burn rays way better. Chemical sunscreens-that feel hotter on the skincare heavily marketed as effective-  but have ingredients that scare us-and are def. not coral reef safe.

Nowadays physical block sunscreens don't leave a white pasty film on the skin are good options for all kinds of ethnic skin color types.

Our picks: All GOOD Sport Sunscreen...with an active ingredient of zinc oxide plus healing organic oils that sooth parched skin. And nothing else. YAY!  
ALL GOOD ELEMENTAL HERBS-launched a few years ago with ALL GOOD healing Goop and Lips-Lip balm- based on healing organic herbs grown on a family farm . NOW-a fell range of skincare-lipcare and sunscreens...including NEW Broad Spectrum Spray Sport Sunscreen-with 80 minutes of water resistants ...and a water resistant to 80 minutes All Good Sunscreen Butter stick-SPF 50+-a very handy-portable way of applying sunscreen-especially to elbows, knees, and the back of the neck. ALL GOOD sunscreens are highly rated by the influential EWG Skindeep  which rates over 2300 sunscreen products for toxic ingredients! BONUS-a member of 1% of the Planet. We use the lotion...but for spray advocates-use outdoors or spray in a cupped hand...and apply-rubbing on-like the lotion.
The SPF50-+ water resistant Zinc Sunscreen Butter in a tin-is made of only 6 ingredients-active ingredient 25% ZINC OXIDE, and Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Calendula flower infused with moisturizing Organic Jojoba Oil,  (skin soothing, fyi) and vitamin E. We keep one of these in the car.

For a touch a Cover/Color
Ever since we spent some time in Japan/Korea in the 90s- luxury and price-y Asian brands like Amore Pacific, Shu Uemura and Shisedo - have been on our skincare/makeup obsession radar. 
Now-as makeup trade show junkies...we've discovered the whole genius of a gentler priced subset of that skincare/cosmetic market- K Beauty-meaning small cult worthy South Korean brands that deliver impactful skincare with cutting edge ingredients and quality makeup with special effects, colors and textures at masstige prices-(that's lightly above mass market)...and the new imo consumer sweet spot price point for cosmetics/facial products.
Our latest daily the innovative highly advanced performance oriented formulation- Flawless Skin Top Coat by Touch in Sol -a brand founded by Sean Lim- that smartly brings together the best in K-beauty technology and American pop culture trends in super fun packaging and bold makeup products. 

What the Flawless Skin Top Coat is...a multi-tasking ample, primer , BB cream, build-able coverage...that can be a substitute for tinted moisturizer or foundation. In the summer heat-Flawless Skin Top Coat is hydrating -so will benefit dry-normal skin...and in dryer winter climates...would be good for all skin types. 

IMPRESSIVE 4X Red Complex-a nourishing mix of red ginseng, pomegranate, rosehip and berryberry extract leaves skin radiant and anti-oxidant cocktail of healers.

Easy to use-shake it up, squeeze the never clog dropper - for 2-3 drops on fingers or palm-and use fingers to lightly cover our entire face. 

The coverage is very sheer but enough to even out skin tone ...and bonus points-not as shiny as other typical BB creams. We tried  the Light tint-the other option is Dark-smoothly applied over our go-to sunscreen lotion (see above)...and felt like we had enough cosmetic coverage -especially in hot weather. As a primer-we layered on under our usual YSL foundation-with ease for heavier flawless evening look. NICE.

BTW-dropper allows for easy mixing-with facial serum, foundation and/or moisturizer for a do-it yourself coverage. 

Flawless Skin Top Coat=$28 available at Urban Outfitters...while other nifty TOUCH IN SOL cosmetics like the brightening creamy LIGHT BROW Brow Spot Highlight ($21)-a twist applicator shaped like a thick pen- releasing a kind of creamy formula on a sponge tip-which can be used to subtly (dilute with moisturizer) or boldy highlight eyelids and cheekbones- are available at Sephora. FYI-durable and water resistant-we applied straight out of the applicator using our finger... and then went for a swim workout. Afterwards- the highlighter looked like we had just applied it.