Thursday, June 30, 2016


Summer sandy vistas or idyllic mountain views...both environments beg for durable outdoor gear, gadgets and human attire...that matches the heat, keeps out the undesirable elements...and even for die hard only wear black NYers...adds some color fun -for under the sun.
KEEP A LID ON IT...keep it cold too-fun colors for insulated drinks from GSI Outdoors: our favs-in the middle...Fairshare Mug (hybrid mug -bowl) $10.95 with a screw top lid and sturdy handle, and Infinity Backpacker Mug-17oz made of durable, non-leaching 100% recyclable Infinity polypropylene with insulated sleeve-$9.95-far right
dazzling color options (12!!!!) in all sizes of insulated 18/8 pro grade stainless steel, BPA free, durable sweat free powder coat finish-with TempShield™ protection= bottles-including sports and flex cap carry choices (for hydration, coffee), wide mouth options, plus the super cool growlers (beer portage made easy) by HydroFlask. hauling liquids from 12 oz ($21.95) up to 64 oz.($59.95)

CamelBak is celebrated for their insulated sport/bike bottles and hydration portable backpacks- loaded up with reservoirs for those on the go...they also have a series of go CHUTE™ 20 oz and 40 oz, and EDDY™6L vacuum insulated bottles available now....made of stainless steel too ($30-$38)-naturally BPA free and delivering a clean taste. Love that the classic bike valve is built into the caps for easy sipping on the go with out spilling a drop. Pictured with newThermal Kickback™ tumblers with the most ingenious lids...that are not delivering till next January...(more on that a later post). 

another kind of lid----most popular kind of hat on planet earth-wide brim sports caps in iconic  "snapback, " '47 Clean Up, ' or '47 Franchise' styles-flaunt your city's  team, or college with some'tude- by 47 LET YOUR YOU OUT retro style -made of wool blend.
the lightest running athletic hat ever-and we have CTR (Chaos Headwear) CHASE DAWN RUN HAT with reflective pops...fav option to keeps sun's rays out and our heads cool -the featherweight moisture wicking mesh material with a jade activated sweat band is a must for sweat inducing outdoor activities $19.95.

It does not get much niftier than this when hauling cold brews or any aluminum cans around---by DAKINE Party Bucket $55 -fits-slides-drops right over a 5 gallon bucket...and violà! 8 built in koozies, one insulated wine holder, built in bottle opener, and a convertible compartment -that can carry a wine bottle. NIFTY

SO SMART-top unzips revealing insulated interior with zip water resistant  compartment for essentials including ice packs or snacks.