Wednesday, June 15, 2016

SUNGLASSES-Outdoor Urban Style for Hangout or Workout

Not made in the shade-sunglasses aren't just fashion statements... (though they are...) ......that prevent future wrinkles-
...they're critical for eye protection against melanoma, cataracts damaging UV, Blue Light High Energy Visible Light and Infrared  rays (yup-that's from those addicted to smartphones and laptops) ...which is why we lean towards those outdoor brand shades...with their top tech attributes for precise clear, accurate vision, comfort- lightweight features, perfect fit...and scratch tough-shatterproof lens.

No need to opt for the strictly aero athletic shapes lifestyle options that multi-task-are city sleek as well as outdoor chic.

Some favs from practically heritage brands= VUARNET and SMITH Optics.

Vuarnet's iconic Profil round and rounded Horizon cat's eye shape-super lightweight...we have ours from the late 80s worn so much-the side logo half worn off....that is a durability! Made from mineral glass-no chromatic distortion-super sharp vs 'plastic glass' are 100% made in France. Protective 100%, 99% and 94% against the aforementioned damaging rays ...UV, Blue Light High Energy Visible Light and Infrared glare free vision too. Several color lenses available...Pictured the new ROMY in homage to actress Romy Schneider...oui, oui

all lens have a very discreet 'V' embossed.....

James Bond wore these!!! These glacier glasses-have removable side case in natural leather with magnetic fixing to the arms, natural leather bridge, made in Italy-frame is in stainless steel and acetate-handsome!

so lightweight-feels like wearing a pricey titanium frame but a value at $169 ...all with ChromaPop™/Carbonic TLT lenses that define colors and shapes in a 4D equivalent. Lower left-love this model-Bridgetown ---barrel hinge lenses, frames made from  EVOLE Eco material, megol nose pads keeps it on no matter what just about, multiple frame color options-ChromaPop™ polarized gray green lens.
The Sidney new women's shape-flatters a lot of faces...vintage cat's eye shape-thick framing made from EVOLE eco material, megol nose pads keeps it on the face where it should be when sweating away-why we could probably play a game of tennis wearing these...polarized brown lenses, multiple frame shade options

Rockford in homage to TV show-update on aviator shape looks good on many guy shapes. Nose pads have 2 level adjustability, Carbonic TLT lenses, stainless steel frame construction and shape is  9x3 toric lens curvature $179

Primo sunglass---crafted from titanium with ChromaPop™ polarized lenses-Outlier Tri-top of the line for clarity with anti-reflective and hydroleophobic lens coverage, lightweight comfort and great fit with hydrophilic megol temple pads and adjustable silicone nose pads $279

Smith is fishing...wide eye coverage---in a dedicated collection

lens options-all super lightweight-and fyi-precription versions too
 WHAT ELSE-at a media preview-excited to see these Mountain Bike specific goggles...