Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Greener Beauty-Premium Quality-Mother's Day Gift Ideas

PART 3-Small Batch Skin/Body/Hair Care...Mother's Day Gift Sets -Natural + Non-Toxic Ingredients and Cruelty Free

Some crazy amount of lipstick gets eaten a year...


Which has us re-evaluating what we slather on lip-wise- multiple times/day.

founded by breast cancer survivor makeup artist Susie Lee-ECHO VIE Organic Oil-body $45 restore moisture and Natural Lip Balms $18 in a pretty color via minerals keep lips hydrated -natural oils+shea butter nuturing ingredients

AXIOLOGY has gotten print press love...with its array of colors, natural/organic ingredients and sustainable packaging "with a purpose"-recycled paper-pulp then processed by hand... and then made into the lipstick boxes- by Bali, Indonesian women. Vegan+Cruelty Free.

pretty colors for all skin tones...

SALTS...the common ingredient-facial care, balms, hair sprays... from nautically-themed- NY based Captain Blankenship

"...beauty wild with nature" like soothing ORLA BATH SALTS citrus+essential oils blend-$20

Color coded labels-based on needs...Apoterra products-treat all skin types-soaps, facial/body oils, toners, serums, masques...with unique batch numbers on labels that one can lookup on www.apoterraskincare.com for production date  ...neat concept and this level of transparency is certainly lacking in beauty biz for sure.

Apoterra-beautifully packaged-with vintage feel

Argan oil -is a super ingredient-multi-tasker rich in Vitamin E/anti-oxidants...and the basis for Kahina-Giving Beauty...using sustainable, Fair Trade sourced organic Argan Oil from Morocco but made in the USA. Toning mist, Facial Cleanser, Facial Toner, Soaps, Serums and Perfume Oils...beautifully packaged-the 'writing' aka illustrative signature.on the label is by the Berber women who hand crack the Argan nuts to obtain this rich oil. Available in many high end retailers as well as online-with a dedicated company mission to offer the highest quality products "...while preserving, protecting and enhancing the resources (natural, human, and cultural) behind the brand."
CHIA is also a super ingredient-naturally blessed with anti-oxidants and healthy Omega Fatty Acids---MAYA CHIA harnesses the oil from the chia seed in its hard working Super Couple™ multi-correctional high performance face oil serum...which we tried a few drops after a skin drying pool swim. Sinks right in fyi-very lightweight-plus has wild botanical-plant actives and powerful anti-ager Astaxanthin- good for most skin types-even sensitive. Nice multi-tasked to travel with...brightens overall tine, diminishes the fine lines and wrinkles, and hydrates skin.
Organic Fair Trade and Family Farmed ingredients

just like the food industry-ingredient labels are getting smaller-the entire MO of Brooklyn based SW Basics...with gift sets and essential kits-cleverly packaged stating "No Fragrance, Fillers Or Synthetic para-sulfate-whatchamacallits.". Well priced too...no wonder this company has really taken off. Recyclable glass packaging.

full mini kit

Organic Lip Balm kit- btw a Certified B Corporation, too