Wednesday, May 4, 2016

GREENER BEAUTY: Fragrances-Scents Modern Mom Gifts

Curiously, even though fragrances, colognes and perfumes sell a-ok worldwide...imo-in this country (USA)...wearing fragrance seems to viewed more as a special night out splurge (or spritz) vs using everyday by habit, with freshening up dabs every few  hours...especially, it seems -by the much desired millennial consumer group.

Given-some of the fantastical packaging by bigger companies- is the sole reason for the scent purchase ...and the 'bottle' just sits on shelves and tabletops...never to be opened-just eye-balled.

Which is why these intriguingly complex scents, more modestly bottled- might change the actual usage rate- for more sophisticated scent dabblers.


In fragrance or body oil formats...using expensive natural essential oils yields a much more multi-level aromatic 'experience' and a modern one too.

 Fyi-use less because these fragrances aren't disappearing in some chemical cloud.


LURKmade-perfume oils and eau de toilette deserves a spot on any boudoir-or dresser, female or male.
All Lurk hand made fragrances-bearing quirky letter/number names-deliver a much much richer sensory experience...made without synthetics, fixatives, parabens, phthalates, GMOs, chemical preservatives, or denatured alcohol by founder Anne Nelson Sanford.

Leaning towards androgynous aromatic spicy, woodsy sophisticated scents-we tried the transporting Lurk's BS003 is a dry woods mix with crisp citrus notes and sweet bergamot. Day or's the kind of perfume that will have even nose aficionados going an approving nod.

LURK perfumes transcend age, race, gender, attitude and affliction. Perfume Oils $64-$66 include the modern floral RSW005 -warm sandalwood +earthy rose combo with a crisp citrus finish -vibrant mysterious layered aroma---not cloyingly sweet, Love this.

Eau de Toilette $185-$225

Strange Invisible -no the fragrance name of this spectacular Reserve Series scent-The Rose With The Broken Nest ($425)- not a marketing gimmick ---but as inspiration---capturing the fire and fragility of the human heart. All of the perfumes from this Venice CA based company are hand crafted- using certified organic, wild crafted biodynamic and hydro-distilled essences---limited editions too- actually aged 6 months. Interesting. New-fragrances based on each zodiac sign-fun gift for that special mom...with a twist in interpretation resulting in a layered multi-sensory experience---i.e. Capricorn-The Force To Be Reckoned With!

"WEAR REAL FLOWERS" Florescent's PRETTY BIRD - sought of simple name-but a very complex elegant (imo) sensory experience...hand blended perfumes with organic and wild-crafted essential oils, extracts and rare absolutes...of bergamot, bois de rose, clove bud.

Mullein & Sparrow-Brooklyn based -has the ultimate ROSE SET ($69) for Mother's Day that will last a lot longer than the actual flowers. Pictured-the Body Oil crafted with pure rose essential oil and organic rose petals...inside the bottle.  Set comes with comes with Bath Salts, Rose Hydrosol and Divine Tea.
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