Wednesday, May 11, 2016


VIBRAM SOLE FACTOR "We've Got Sole, You've Got Options"
Customize Upgrade Repair
aka our latest obsession

Chuck Taylor All Stars-Converse (Nike owned) are not only worn by many-their rubber toe/outsoles influenced the looks of loads of brands...including those who got sued by the company.

One of the most enduring footwear trends of late = the snazzy urban-work appropriate fashion -comfort selections from brands-aiming to attire the feet of humans who would rather be wearing sneakers/trainers. And not just guys, either.

SO-the white foxing-outsole pops underfoot every style-from dressy men's oxfords to flatform a multi-year phenom. now though... a much better style option comes courtesy of Vibram outsoles---with their brilliant have -it-your way outsole option program- whereby practically every shoe in one's wardrobe can get so much better-look wise -and durability wise (after all this is from Vibram-the leader in tech+tough outsoles including their Wolverine brand exclusive-Artic Grip which we reviewed here).

Chose a sole option...from many (MANY) options-from a local Vibram Sole Factor professional cobbler -who can help with the right suggestions-depending on the style of shoe/sandal/sneaker...and sartorial splendor leanings...

OR mail into the unique Cobbler Concierge® service -a top quality repair and renewal expert based in NY...where for $125 gets the bumped-up outsole overhaul plus extras like protective dust bag, before/after pics via email, customer service help-especially with regards to compatibility via email or a 1-800 number (yay), a shoe care accessory-that;s appropriate to one's shoe, and free shipping via Fedex. FABULOUS!!!!

options-thickness and color/patterns...dozens of choices available-seriously.

a fav Spanish brand-Pikolinos embraces the camo outsole by Vibram for Fall 2016 looks. 

Refreshing the hiker hybrid leather lace-up-so last year-as seen on the right ---gets the Vibram camo brown seen on left. Way more fun.


like before Dorothy enters the Land of Oz...gloomy sameness-technicolorize any pair of shoes w/ Vibram outsoles...