Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Trends: Functional Ingredients-Healthy Hydration -Active Lifestyles


The growing movement in food transparency (think natural sourced food coloring-vs artificial,  Vermont's GMO labeling law-causing household name companies-Kellogs, General Mills - to label correctly etc)...also applies to beverages.


The growing awareness of the obvs link between super-sized sugary drinks and obesity-diabetes...getting everyones attention---is  opening up hydration opportunities for functional ingredients loaded into challenge the likes of Vitamin Water.

Teas have been a medicinal fav for generations-and are found worldwide. Healing-beneficial properties from indigenous herbs and plants-steeped in water-tasty or not-now occupy American grocery store shelves -online options- way beyond the Lipton Tetley Snapple we grew up with.

Brassica harnesses the super anti- oxidant-anti-inflammatory Glucorphanin which is found in abundance in raw broccoli and manages to deliver a meaning daily dose via its Truebroc™extracted from broccoli seeds- in black and green teas-regular and decaf versions available. We tired the "All -Natural Chinese Sencha Green Tea" packaged in a tea bag...and it tasted pretty much like regular green teas of other brands...with a hint of orange. 
soon available-this really is what interests us-the K Cup coffee from Brassica...with the long lasting antioxidant truebroc™in a light or dark roast. Not available yet-but as coffee fanatics...we've been waiting for a java drink that boasts the healing properties of teas.
RISHI No Leaf Unturned™-a leading importer of certified organic teas and exotic botanicals -has been serving up loose leaf teas and tea sachets since 1997. 

NEW from Rishi =A very tasty Tumeric Ginger Chai-naturally caffeine free-with aromatic ingredients acclaimed for their anti-inflammatory-digestive properties. We actually take turmeric supplements (YouTheory, Gaia's Turmeric Boost)  and make our own ginger tea everyday- as big believers in the healing properties of these traditional Aryuredic herbs-so this GMO-free, gluten free, shelf stable tetra pak RISHI drink is a welcome spicy sip in hot or cold weather. Made from filtered water, organic ginger root, organic turmeric root, organic lemongrass, organic cane sugar, organic lemon juice concentrate. MSRP $6.99
FYI-cocktail ready-pair with rum-ginger beer or vodka...and garnish-insta sophisticated and after a race-it is time to CELEBRATE. 
At the Fancy Food Show---Matcha-a  primo Japanese Green Tea (has a distinct taste) is the 'hot buzzy' ingredient for drinks...Rishi has travel ready packets-USDA Organic Tea Powder Sticks that dissolve in cold water-imparts a bit of energy-and is something we wish race directors stocked at the water breaks in all the races we do. 

Super Herb Teas-- 7 beneficial blends-some USDA Organic...of well known protective plants-combined with palate pleasing spices, teas and fruit extracts. We tired the Dandelion tea-USDA Certified Organic based on this small flower that is found just about everywhere. The Republic of Tea's version-combined with French vanilla, -delivers full body flavor---not as much as coffee-but close, and is also caffeine free. Would make a good after-meal sip-with natural digestive properties.
The Republic of Tea-offers a wide variety of tea based options-also based on the traditional healing properties of botanicals, herbs and teas. 

Super Green Tea- USDA Organic premium Green and Matcha tea blends-combined with functional herbs=healthy drinks with positive side benefits -we tried the Serenity version-with organic lavender, holy basil and chamomile-all known calming soothers...paired with hints of vanilla and honey-for a tad spicy-sweet sip. $13-for a pretty tin of 36 tea bags.

WATER PLUS---flavored with fruits-herbs -hydration with a delicious twist

Ocean Spray-an iconic American cranberry company-takes the sweet tarty fruit blessed with natural anti-oxidants...pairs with purified water=new PACt-a refreshing drink that is so inhale-able-we finished our sample before we even got home. Four flavors available including the pictured above, Cranberry Pomegranate -and below-Cranberry Raspberry-all delivering the power punch of 50 cranberries. Low calorie-sweetened with Erythritol and Stevia. In water section fyi...we found at CVS, Target, Walgreen's...

DRY  Soda Co. Sparkling beverages-handsome bottles-craft flavored waters...that we have seen more and more in specialty and grocery stores. Our fav -unusual and tasty Lavender---or the refreshing Cucumber-delicate balance of flavor---practically addictive. New-Fuji Apple Dry Sparkling-made with four ingredients---naturally gluten, caffeine and sodium free. Available exclusively at Target till September 2016. IMO all flavors pair well with foods-or can be part of many cocktail recipes.