Wednesday, March 9, 2016

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International Beauty Shows and Int'l Aesthetics, Cosmetics&Spa Show NYC 2016

PCA SKIN® -New Product Launches


This sorta two in one tradeshow at Javits convention center-is always a big draw with spa owners, estheticians, and those in school to be...hauling rip free over-sized tote bags- filled to brim with the latest adornments and goodies. 

Crowded aisles-even on the last day when we got there-are aligned with exhibitors serving up new and tried /true products in hair (attached and clip-in hair extensions are still HUGE), haircare tools, nail art, and our focus-skin/body care. Sell-outs of what's hot...were common.

Some Highlights:
From a Queens based importer-tables of fun-South Korean skin care products...incredibly cheap---from a country acclaimed for its product innovations-and loads of wonder their export skin care/beauty market is BOOMING. 

Anti-Aging +Treatments Skincare: Multi-Tasking cosmeceuticals with chemistry class sounding active ingredients that have (or maybe don't) meaningful research to back up claims. At home use for clients and in salon offerings -brush on facial masks and peels -were popular.

At home masks...ingredient fused, VERY inexpensive-from South Korea. Most multi-product skincare/beauty company has these masks now...have been popular with both women and men- in Asia for  years. 
Our pick: PCA Skin®'s been awhile since we got the scoop on this high-end skincare line of in salon/office professional treatments -including the founder's original Jessner's Peel formulations, blended TCA peels, therapeutic-healing masks, and peel alternatives for sensitive types etc.

Our focus= the consumer daily care product collections-targeting-broadly speaking, cleansing, toning, correcting (acne, redness, aging signs-brown spots, fine lines, skin tone ...)., hydrating and protecting -broad spectrum sunscreens and healing-after procedure solutions.

Having had a VERY positive experience (review) with PCA SKIN's ExLinea® Peptide Smoothing Serum with key ingredient Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 (Argireline) that works to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, plus proven hydrators-moisturizers -Sodium Hyaluronate, Squalene, and Oryza Stiva (Rice) Bran Wax---a product discovered at a medical conference - we were pleased to see several new launches...all formulated with scientifically proven, active ingredients-the kind of skincare breakthroughs we read about in the trade magazines, developed in cutting edge laboratories and/or in-house.

What's New:

A smart PCA Skin® employee, Scottie...gave us the 411 on the just launched Intensive Brightening Treatment-that features 0.5% pure retinol...a proven -and by now standard anti-ager (think targeting uneven skin tone, fine lines/wrinkles, pore size, acne). More importantly (IMO), this cream combines  several key ingredients combating known skin stressors-brightening Resveratol 1% (the ingredient associated with the health benefits of red wine grapes' skin) for cellular protection and antioxidant action vs. damaging free radicals-polluting environment, Niacinamide 4.4% and Hexylerorcinol 1.1%-reduces redness and yellowing for an even skin tone-a big deal-given the less than lovely redness side effect- associated with using retinol products, Hydroxyphenoxy Propionic Acid 2% a skin brightener with a photo-protective effect against the potential adverse effects of ultraviolet light-also a big deal because using retinols can increase sensitivity to that risk...

PLUS... the formula works via the patented OmniSome delivery system-which basically means that this night treatment is efficiently delivered deep into the dermis. Not just laying up top...but penetrating the skin in doses- to produce meaningful changes. Def. a beefed up product vs competing brands like Z.O.,Obagi, Skinceuticals, and SkinMedica-as illustrated in a handy brochure we got at the show.

Given the insane cost-IN THIS COUNTRY-of prescription retinol products...the Intensive Brightening Treatment-$106/1oz tube (last many months, applying a pea sized dose, nightly)...seems well worth it.
Additionally, this over-the counter product features the most recent ingredient breakthroughs-while the prescription retinols-though VERY meaningfully proven---earning that FDA stamp of approval-are older formulas...that cannot be updated.

Just a thought.

What Else:

For the sensitive thinner skin eye area-PCA SKIN® has a hypoallergenic anti-aging Revitalizing Gel and Ideal Complex: Restorative Eye Cream to firm, strengthen and lift.
Use 2x daily-both contain peptide Myristoyl Nonapeptide 3 - to increase cell turnover and collagen synthesis, Albizia Julibrissim Bark Extract and Darutoside -to reduce sagging and strengthen the dermis all around the eyeballs, Orange Stem Cell Extract -to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increase elasticity/firmness the cream-Boron Nitride a naturally occurring mineral reflects light away...diminishing appearance of dark circles.
Our wish ...the Ideal Complex: Restorative Eye Cream needs to come in a formula preserving airless-airtight delivery system (personal fav-those from Fusion Packaging as seen at all those Make-Up in NY trade shows we have been going to)...vs screw top jar -exposed to light/air that might compromise anti-aging ingredients.
We tried pronto at home-and the cream sinks right in and is not irritating-even for our super sensitive eyelids.

What's Next:
Using patented Snow Algae-a buzzy sustainably sourced regenerative-stimulatiing- healing powder/ ingredient---

PCA SKIN® Ideal Complex: Restorative Eye Cream
PCA Skin® available online on it's own website in select spas/salons/medical practices.