Thursday, March 31, 2016

Winter Warmth- Lacoste L!VE+ RTW Fall 2016

Media Preview: Part 3

ZERO DEGREE-Lacoste's version of a wonderful winter wardrobe...chunky knits with comfort details, quilted fabrics, warm wools-with flair-retro patches, and warm tones...a city street to ski slope selection of everyday wear...

like how the inside collar is center zip white-in a chunky knit...
retro patch appears on a few pieces...
one can find matchy matchy scarves and sweaters everywhere...we like this Lacoste take-winning blocks of color-and quality is there for winters to come...

puffy in a vintage silhouette...but practical too...large front pockets, insulated two tone jacket with storm flap...
shoes get there own post---love this wool leather mix-up in a hiker hybrid-with pop of white foxing on treaded outsole

Dapper throwback to coats our grandmother wore-classic tweed double breasted wool -lined and fab forever...
mix wool thigh cruising coat/jacket with quilted insulated core for additional jacket....has an attached hood that unzips to form a flattering wide sheltering collar...pictured below

L!VE is Lacoste's focused collection for the under 30 set-but it is collectively our fav-because we like the bolder colors, oversized logo treatments (fun) and the slimmer cuts fit us better. The nautical sailing theme interpretations,  mountain knits with technical puffers are highlights...blend of the sports and urban wardrobes.

nice-the way the center zip is on navy fabric against a soft ¾ women's wool jacket...modern shape clean lines with no buttons...but with roomy side zipper pockets.
varsity jacket in a bold red...

nautical rope knots---motif on a cute grey knit. Love this.

technical lightweight insulated puffer-ring pull on the zipper is a cool pop-on this jacket which is actually very sporty wearable with stretchy -breathable insulated core...chain stitching is visually interesting too-as well as practical imo-the 'stuffing' won't shift around when washed...something we learned from covering the outdoor market.

another fav...bomber shape sweatshirt kind of jacket..cozy and versatile...

LACOSTE FALL 2016 RTW Sporty Chic Part 2

Nautical Allure-French Flair Separates

So how does a heritage brand keep it fresh-year after year?

Lacoste polos...worldwide collar shirt=fit for modern times (and bodies)...iconic and last forever,
By...establishing seasonal themes-trends-story-boards that make sense for its rich history in the active world...delivering fresh color waves and patterns-every few months- mix in a few new fabrics- with traditional natural fibers and conjure up wearable silhouettes for a global customer base.

crisp button downs -sleeves rolled up or down..a style that endures.

For earlier "Fall 2016" deliveries...Lacoste's media preview-showed invitees a winning collection of "...shades of blue ...and...striking color blocks..." referencing the 1990s (like the graphics on some of the runway pieces -prior post Part One)...with a design motifs from yachting-nautical endeavors.

Flattering tones on any skin tone...the collection ranged from casual wear to interchangeable work-play separates. Accessories and shoes (a later post)...accented the apparel
classic l/s button down shirt-s interpreted in a dress,,,is a wardrobe staple. Mannequin is flanked by modern take on  French Breton navy/white stripe top under a slim fitting dark navy blazer...Lacoste also showed off more denim this go round---in various washes. Naturellment-since denim is at least partially, a French invention. 
A pretty blue...almost a sun faded cobalt...with hems get nice stripes in other neutral colors-logo croc makes an appearance near the hem....

color bloc polo---

pattern of time checks

rugby short style...

active wear---sport and tennis in particular-techy fabrics that stretch and are moisture wicking....

FRENCH FLAIR-group featured colors delivering deeper autumnal tones...and included many cold weather jackets and coats, cute pleated skirts, "...traditional stripes...elegant and understated..."

box pleat skirt-flatteirng-balanced with snug l/s knit top

Made in France collection continues with premium, polos and long sleeve sweaters....broad stripes and embroidered crocs- provide visual interest to these traditional winners

men's pieces...

loved this long sleeve knit sweater...buttery soft and year round option...

later Fall months...warm cable knit sweaters, sweet pleated knits, and tailored coats...
on the mannequin...collar neck -silhouette fitting knit-with knife of our fav looks for gals...
men darker greens and grays...dominate the color palette...

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

LACOSTE F/W 2016 Part One

Media Preview/NYC
Runway collection-NY Fashion Week

Rugged outdoor and sporty brands have embraced the urban marketplace -and the millions of customers looking for inspired everyday wear-years before the so-called athleisure phenom got coined...but now the pile-on for those consumers is ginormous...thanks in part to new ways of selling to that audience, collabs with the fab, and getting the buzz out.

We/ve been to enough trade shows over the years, previewing the wares (wears) of apparel/accessories/footwear brands...looking to extend their company logos beyond the items worn by the much fewer in numbers, elite high performance bunch...with mixed feelings on-and about- if they succeeded in the fashion realm with a lot of the offerings.

When it comes to previewing Lacoste though, no doubts ever come to mind from this original performance brand...that over the DECADES has refined its sportif chic MO into a cohesive editorial vision for its many assets/licenses... like the other great giants of the fashion industry in general (i.e. Calvin Klein...great interview by WWD...highlights the many facets of that label-including the advertising, home division etc -done in-house).

Tip for those outdoor brands looking to make sales in a city world...where the overwhelming population of consumers live (and thus will probably never scale Mt. Everest, ski off-piste, or need techy loaded gear)...start with a macro vision that goes beyond the usual travel destinations...and get inspired by visuals from elsewhere AND have a creative director or team that articulates that vision with an actual runway show...or a metaphoric one...of deluxe separates that translate 'down' into everything with that label/logo.

This year Lacoste's creative director Felipe Oliveira Baptista went back to the future with refs to the 1991 video game SkiFree created by Chris Pirih (official website link) emblazoned on dapper urban-worthy coats, slick shiny rainwear, streetwear styles, and sporty tops/bottoms made from gym worth materials, 

functional design details add some snazzy elements...zips at bottom allow ez on -off winter boots-zipped up slims down the look----and gives some edge when left unzipped

functional details...including zip-off option on the men's coat...and slick rain poncho (left) with drawstring waist, big over-sized zipped side pockets, and attached hood.zipper down -flattering collar.

classic coat

love this-tulip snapped hem...oversized weather coat takes challenges the domination of the classic trench...

-a fav women's look...reminds us of what Norma Kamali started back in the 1980s...taking iconic utilitarian sweatshirt...and making fashionable separates with comfort. 

Shetland bomber style-contrast v shaped stitching is interesting
animal print-with military bomber silhouette...the waist hem -blouson shape, hood which has an epaulet look when not buckled in...a cool look-and a very warm jacket

men's looks had a lot of streetwear-Lacoste style-including popular jogger with side stripe
another warm swimming over sweater/jacket hybrid...

EASY to why we love Lacoste-that and the fact that we can still wear those coveted polos from middle school...cause they are made well and never go out of style.

Monday, March 28, 2016

National Park Service-100 Years Celebration



A worthy centennial -USA National Parks and monuments are metaphorically blowing out the celebratory candles-by giving everyone else a gift of no entrance fees to 410 national parks...the week of April 16th-24....aka NATIONAL PARK WEEK.

ALSO-a birthday that has spawned many design creations from outdoor companies including one hailing from Spain-Buff with its wonderful multifunctional tubular headwear...AVAILABLE NOW National Parks Collection. $25 each-this vintage flavored neck-head tubular styles...that can be worn 12 ways- and with serious UV protection... honors six of the most popular destinations...including pictured above-Great Smoky Mountains, Yosemite, Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Parks. (Not pictured-Glacier+Rocky Mountains).

 BONUS POINTS: A portion of the proceeds from the National Parks UV BUFF® collection directly benefits the American Hiking Society.