Friday, January 22, 2016



Sick of the 60's-70's retread style-wise- in apparel and footwear?

Mostly the fashion editorial side and some retailers seem to be the most vocal on the  'there's nothing new.'

IMO-tech-smart wearables and consumer discretionary products (IoT cars, home appliances etc....), personal electronics, yada, yada, yada- are developing at such a rapid pace....all that stuff seems to satisfy the newness craving by consumers-dolllar for dollar. Big time.

And it's not just there's an app for everything...including's the whole tech landscape impacting everything.

When Gen Xers we know don't get SnapChat which is a pretty easy to understand entity...antidotal proof -of the digital dizzying pace and attempts to stay relevant. So why not stick with some tried and true looks-silhouettes...the tech part of the outdoors clothing/shoes world=the tricked out fabrics...keep it all fresh enough!

 More Highlights:

Reversible Windwear Jacket-shell side next to body, faster evaporation keeps wearers cooler though it is treated with DWR for light rain protection and fire finish...when it gets windier, cooler or you just start moving sllloooowww...reverse the jacket so shell is on outside, fleece on the inside---trapping heat.

men's Reversible Windwear-classic style and pockets function no  matter what side you have on...
 Varsity Jacket style...except Sierra Design's version takes on 21st century multi-tasking  this reversible  Two Climates, One Jacket.

HELLY HANSEN=black and white getting' the love combo it deserves this Winter 2016/17 season-Helly Hansen one of many labels iusing this classic color combo in a ribbed hem varsity style jacket -with added high collar, zip-away hood , zips on cuffs add to fit and weather tough Helly Tech waterproof/breathable jacket.

Helly Hansen's AE Collection (named after Ask the first man and EMBLA the first woman-according to Norse legends)... had us swoon with the chicness of every selection we sw. Their premium line-limited availability. LOVE this old school puffer style has a stunning Asian feel with floral print-almost looks hand painted on-Monet would be proud. This is a highly technical jacket too...welded seams, YKK zips, RECCO advanced rescue, H2 Flow™Helly Hansen's warmer/lighter/cooling 'system' with captured air for warmth & ventilation zippers to let the cold air in-body mapping  MO,  and Primaloft synthetic for warm when wet interior pockets for personal electronics and bonus points-a snapped one for lipsticks!!!!

Love this leather old school puffy with top of the line design features (YKK zips, European down)...with contrasting black sleeves/collar - feminine edgey-with shaping belt...two in one functionality with tech DWR finish for the weather but serious city slick style...
Scandinavian style and performance from any angle...HELLY HANSEN
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