Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Pendleton's row of plaid wool shirts...classics never get old-but a TAD less multi-tasking...


BACK in the day-our older siblings used to pile on the thermal long underwear from the local ARMY/NAVY store...heavy wool knit sweaters from Ireland or Norway (courtesy of globe trotting grandparents) and not water tough varsity jackets...for all day ski jaunts to Hunter Mountain.

Maybe teenage youth kept them warm enough---but nowadays-most folks of all ages take advantage of late 20th-and 21st century textile breakthroughs...and attire themselves with winter appropriate warm-and waterproof fabrics for hours outdoors in the cold.

AND each year, the fabrics lead the way for making even our 4 year old stuff -outdated, JUST like buying anything tech these days.

With the emphasis on warmer when wet, lighter and stretchier....plus sustainable-eco (bluesign® certified)-traceable cradle to cradle-including down from Allied, Downtek and Downlite ...the recent textile trends in outdoor apparel and footwear -serves up a lot of retail enticements to look forward to.

We REALLY look forward to trying out the high output targeted stuff... that is truly warm when wet...garments made with Primaloft Gold Active insulation and/or Gore-Tex Active and some other synthetic insulation...because even our currently used 2L and 3L shells, merino wool blends and performance fleeces-layered on...aren't good enough to keep us warm after a long run. We need to rely on hand warmers (YaxTrax) and ThermaCell's pocket warmer rechargeable heat pack -for that final subway ride home post a long outdoors workout with a post indoors-gym core session.

A highlight of OR tradeshow-and that other one going on at the same time -CES...is smart clothing /wearables technology...

NOBLE BIOMATERIAL's Circuitex is kinda undercover -not on a hang-tag near you, but maybe should be. To quote what it is:

"... The CIRCUITEX technology, using PCB  fabrication methods and equipment, allows conversion from conventional PCB/PWB and flex boards to a fabric circuit. 
This offers the ability for power and data transfer in a highly electrically conductive, lightweight, durable and flexible product.  This flexibility provides for comfort in body own applications."

This fiber technology-woven in...is made by the same company that produces 99.9% pure silver- bonded with fabric= anti-microbial/anti-odor properties- X-Static® and XT2®.

Ralph Lauren's Polotech™ shirt got trademarked and the splashy glam Fifth Avenue windows. A black compression tee that tracks biometrics-silver fibers (Circuitex) are woven into fabric sending HR and other fitness stats  to detachable (for washing esp.) Bluetooth enabled black box...works w/ the POLOTECH app+ Apple's iPhone or watch.

VERY nice packaging-DUH it costs $295

Victoria Secret's Smart Bra $75 debuted in late 2014 -Jabil owned Clothing+ is a long time partner with NOBLE BIOMATERIALS =trending textile biometric sensor products for fitness apparel --- like the above- with electrodes...pictured with the attached HR monitor by Garmin...and Adidas  miCOACH that we reviewed in 2014. 
SILVER IS QUITE THE MULTI-TASKER. For a detailed 411 on silver nanowires big splash on the technology scene...read the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) i3 article