Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Holiday Gifts -Outdoors+The SPORTY Fitness Stocking Stuffers

There are so much 'stuff' for sale-for in/out door fitness activities---it's surprising how expensive similar products are.

Excluding combing through yard sales/eBay…more time efficient and with a warranty (plus) are the new product offerings by the appropriately named, iFIT…including their ACTIVE Fitness Tracker that does what pricier versions do but sells for $79.99 -pairs wirelessly-to sync with the iFIT platform app (iOS/Android) to track activity (steps), calories, and sleep- around  the clock-while also displaying real time (!) ---

Just in time for holiday calorie counting -log in your food intake for that stat too, plus access iFit's library of food/recipes for (theoretically) healthier eating---and there's even a barcode scanner that helps in doing that.

Plus there is the capability to send/receive messages with those who also have who are iFIT app enabled-show up on the tracker. TMI?

Maybe but we thought the functionality/price ratio exceptional -available in-store/online WALMART

For more traditional exercise options- iFit 's related company PRO-FORM accessories make ideal stocking stuffers for home fitness options...
XFinity Fitness Band-$29.99 comes packaged w/ 2 DVDs w/ exercises

Gold's Gym XTREME cable jump ropes…$11.77 (Walmart)…adjustable up to 110" in lengthen-non-slip grip handles with removable weights on-to in or decrease resistance.

ergonomically shaped handles-PRO-FORM weights-probably better wrapped and tucked under the TREE
Brilliant idea-heart rate monitors that work with ANT+ fitness machines-or synch via Bluetooth® Smart Low Energy with the miCOACH train and run app (iOS, Android, Microsoft smartphones) for real time info without the need for a strap.

We tried out the miCOACH ADIDAS with the medium impact moisture wicking racer back bra with an inner front pocket in the band -with two metal snaps -where to click in the super lightweight ANT+ transmitter. There is also a monitor that synchs with BLUETOOTH SMART and pairs with miCOACH app (Android, iOS) of real time heart rate info on smartphones.

FYI: Helpful suggestions on which monitor to get.

comfy no chafe-the transmitter is easy to snap in---get the monitor working properly from start-wet it with water...$54.95 Choices-ANT+ transmitter-or Bluetooth Smart transmitter. There's also a sleeveless tank with pocket for transmitter-both items have sensor fibers knit into the fabric. PLUS-works with textile strap too-that's adjustable

Mesh panels for increased venting-seamless design is comfy. Medium impact support-which is good for activities like cycling (indoors-and outdoors), and most fitness machines.

snaps right in with left-right specific placement battery is replaceable -lasts about five months


Footwear is a tough purchase for a gift-but these OOFOS recovery slip-ons are a revelation-seriously. Just get the recipient to try them on pronto---and watch a smile emerge. That good.

A limited edition-the unisex OOFOS get a bit of a style bump up for women (YAY!!!!)with the narrower silhouette of these patent shiny OOcloog slip-ons. $64.95
Made from a proprietary OOFOAM™foam and patented footbed design- that is so cushy, shock absorbing-  kind of arch massaging-that we wish they could find a way to make dress shoes out of the material.

thong sandals $39.99 - in multiple colors
Our original pair-we wear all the time-held up very well considering the concrete pavement  that's our go-to terrain-$44.95. Fit wise-whole sizes -run half size large imo. Size 8 women fit us- and typically wear 8.5 dress shoe and a size 9 running shoe.
Not too sexy but an essential for those who spend a lot of time on their feet-custom fitting D30 Comfort Insole-"…engineered for comfort…" really make a difference-even in the fashion comfort shoes we wear…let alone the pricier single sole pumps that come out for glammy night's out.
come in sizes-trim to fit...
scissors cut through fairly easily-D30 paired with Cobb Hill wedge boots=all day upright ability.-every spot of the foot is ably supported-with increased shock absorption and arch support…providing mid foot stability and encouraging a natural heel-toe stride when walking…unlike competitor brands that don't offer as much total support…available soon on Tactical Distributors

Patented shock absorption materials from D30 (D3O Decell) ---a UK based company-that also has other branded technology used in a wide range of products by the likes of Schutt Sports (provider-NFL's helmets), Icon and Klim motorcycle apparel, Burton Snowboards and USA's Special Forces.

So impressive-we got pair of the insoles  for pal who spends a lot of time running around airports trying to catch flights---found on Amazon for $25.00-typical price for techy insoles.
 Foam rolling may be the new stretching-but these rollers are better…a versatile piece of equipment that gets the knots out.

flexible-bend around for exact targeting of what aches-like calf muscles. LOVE THESE branded Gold's Gym 
TRIGGERPOINT foam rollers got refreshed over the summer...
GRID X $49.99-firmest foam roller-gets into muscles

TRIGGERPOINT Mini Foam Rollers $24.95-four inches long by 5.5" diameter-travel friendly-hard hollow core hand wrapped with EVA foam makes it harder than those foam rollers we see around the gym.
But yes-there is stretching-these colorful mats are very handy.
Stretch it out-or find your practice---Lotus Yoga Mat has lotus patterns to help with proper alignment-neat. $9.99