Monday, May 4, 2015


Manhattan Wardrobe Supply-MWS Pro Beauty/245 W. 29th Street/NYC

MEHRON MAKEUP gave a jam packed party-in honor of its 80+ MADE IN THE USA years in the biz of providing professionals and now in the know consumers with the makeup and makeup tools needed for theatrical, stage, fashion shows, movies (including wow special effects), television's scary HD DEF---as well as everyday regular uses-including selfies...

Brand fans and many acclaimed makeup artists...turned out to offer up congrats, show off their skills or just hang-out with colleagues---culminating in a glam- fun runway show-featuring clothes provided by Abracadabra NYC, rrrrentalsny, and Alias Costume Rental (Halloween alert) wigs by mega-talented Daniel Koye-who also launched his own hair care line... and the FAB makeup in all its glory by MEHRON---applied by an artist/per decade.


Martin Melik-on left (with a fav model)-i the son of Mehron's founder-and assumed control of the company back in 1971. We asked what his dad would say is the product he would most recognize-that stood the test of time. "NOTHING!" Every product and the number of offerings= completely different-the formulations, colors, textures... needs for new tech like 4K TVs. BONUS: Melik's business savvy-as we chatted about the professionals using MEHRON- and now in the know consumers who may have discovered the brand-because their fav entertainer uses the makeup on stage or from backstage at fashion shows like cool grrrl Charlotte Ronson. Growth at the right pace... 

Javier de la Rosa -multi-talented makeup artist for commercials, editorials, fashion shows, and TV---crafted a striking Future look-using Celebre Pro HD Foundation, Setting Powder, and notably Adgem Adhesive for crystals. Intense Pressed Pigments-ignite, purple heat, hot pink, carbon-eyes, Barrier Spray 
Makeup by James Vincent-Courtney Love and HOLE, Sleater-Kinney rocks on ---this look is so on trend today including the ripped tights...featured MEHRON products Celebre Pro HD Foundation, Setting Powder, Cheek Cream in Berry Blush, Precious Gems Tiger Eyes, Wild Plum and Cherrywood Lip Cream, Intense Pressed Pigment in Turbulent+Desert Sand, Detailz Black eyeliner
James Vincent--Art Director of Education = Artistry -The Makeup Show-plus makeup artist in demand, Beauty Editor of On Makeup Magazine, and incredibly nice guy.-Did the 1990's look which gave us flashback to Courtney Love and HOLE.

Daniel Koye-showing his hair care line... we chatted about how great and versatile wigs can be...AND fyi-a lot of reality tv stars use---like those on Bravo's RHWO series...def. easier than styling hair for over an hour a day
Bethany Townes -makeup artist/educator anchored this look with a strong lip using LIP cream -Poppy+Celebre Pro HD Foundation, eye powder in cocoa, natural wheat, Detailz black eyeliner, Precious gems pearl highlights the look-+setting powder-sets it
60's-80's-Celebre Pro HD Foundation anchor all these looks...

FUN left to right-60's makeup by Michela Wariebi who is a makeup artist/brand consultant.In the  middle-80's by Joe Delude designed the makeup for WIcked, Dr. Zhivago on Broadway---used a lot of eye shadows-Yellow Spark, Ignite, Carbon, Hot Pink, Cheek COlor-Fiesta, Bubble Gum, and Valentine Lip Cream, Paloma Romo did the present look---on right-with brown natural wheat, cinnamon and black eye powder-and - the 70s done by Danessa Myricks-makeup artist+educator,  

Brandalyn Fulton-for a 30's Hollywood Siren---bright lip cream in Zinnia -strong LIP Liner Pencil balance out that Brow liner and Synwax

we'd call this SPECIAL EFFECTS-2000s by JINNY--and yup has worked with Cirque Du Soleil

great special effects makeup-fyi does not take the subway like this-afterwards, we asked---Paradise Makeup-serious special effects collection -used

Orlando Santiago FIT grad now a makeup artist and instructor...we know from NYFW
By Orlando Santiago 1920's using Celebre Pro HD Foundation, Pink Corral CHEEK Cream, Chocolate Cherry Lip Creme, Eye and CHeek Palette and Detailz Black eyeliner
40s-David Hernandez salutes thsi decade- using LIP Creams in Big Apple, Poppy, and Velvet Rose, Hot Pink and highlighting Pure Lightening INtense Pro cheeks, and Pure Lightening  and Turbulent on eyes 

plenty of good eats

Joe Delude II-glammed on the 80s for this show---but it probably best known for the amazing makeup he crafted for the musical WICKED. Current Broadway challenges include Dr. Zhivago---that had the cast looking healthy as Russian Aristocrats---and then pale/hungry-insta weight lost ---then back to full fed-all in one show...PLUS---fight scenes-gun shot wounds=DRAMA. The challenges of 4K TV----showing everything-is why makeup artists will always be needed...he also teaches and does film work...which often requires barely ANY makeup