Tuesday, February 17, 2015

CHARLOTTE RONSON F/W 2015 Backstage Beauty:Mehron, OPI, Skyn, Get2Give, SALON GRAFIX

Lincoln Center, NYC

Cool girl designer Charlotte Ronson---tapped Mehron Make-up and lead artist James Vincent to craft a smoldering brown eye smokey eye look "with a morning after" effect or just woke up look depending on your viewpoint…in color tones that not only worked wonderfully with the shimmery silvers, red wine, grays and blues of the collection…but are also shades that flatter all ethnic skins- on gals of any age.
James Vincent, lead make-up artist, Mehron Makeup NYC
this model reminded us of the icon Veruschka
Foundation: Celebre Pro HD make-up-matte face with fresh glow…finished with Celebre Pro HD Loose Mineral Finishing Powder in Translucent

tools of the trade...

loved this blue/gray tone---

EYES: L.I.P. Cream in Cherrywood, E.Y.E. Powder in Espresso, Cinnamon and Cocoa, INtense Pro Pressed Powder Pigment in Desert Sand, Mascara-(really false eyelashes for oomph), Brow liner/pencil -soft touch.

LIPS: Celebre Pro HD Make-up---neutralized natural colors…eyes were focus.
eye makeup 'set' with really light dusting of Celebre Pro HD Loose Mineral Finishing Powder in Translucent
Nice-models' skin got insta-moisturizing-de-stressing with  SKYN Iceland's collection of skincare…made from Icelandic Mineral Rich Glacial Waters

Icelandic Relief Eye Cream-lightweight-with Flavagrum+Rice Peptides-mulit-functional and easily absorbed

these Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels with Elastin+Peptides- skin patches are great way to depuff. Stay on for 10 minutes... 

An enthusiastic SKYN user---
A compelling MO=THRIVE™ Causemetrics' GetGive™false eyelashes was launched as easy to use, non-irritating false eyelashes---inspired by women who lose their flutterers because of chemo-treatments. For every product purchased, one is donated to a woman going through cancer treatment.
"Beauty With a Purpose" founder Karissa Bodner

realistic looking…glue is not irritating
skill involved in applying false eyelashes-but some types are more user friendly

HAIR: Gisele Bundchen inspires a lot of humans-her seemingly effortless beauty-included tousled hair waves that just always look flawlessly wind tossed-underpinned Salon Grafix's mission-giving models' tresses some beachy texture with the S*G Texturizing Cream…loose waves courtesy of Hot Tools-then gathered in a low pony tail and tucked into collars.

barrel curls on blown-out hair…the finger combed-then faux bobbed into a low ponytail  and tucked into clothing's collar.

S*G Shaping Hair Spray-for light hold-no flyaways

hair tips were shaded

FUN-model's tips got some temporary color with HIGH BEAMS Intense Temporary Spray-On Haircolor

Hot Tools hair barrel

OPI Nail Lacquer

no make-up needed-this is why this model is a model

LOVE the nails by OPI: Miss Pop poses with her creation (the nails-matte tips)

OPI Natural Nail Base, OPI Ink then smooth with Regular Top Coat before applying Matte Top Coat---apply THAT from the center of the nail to the tip

We took these shots during the rehearsal…show how the tucked in-faux bob hair looked in the clothes...

dress rehearsal walk through-see the pink tips of this model's hair---fun
loved the clothes--the silhouettes are modern and realistic …rich autumnal colors -with fab textiles like the shimmery silver showed up in a dress pictured up top---and  this blouse.