Monday, May 18, 2015

KAI D.Utility Tools+Clothing for Artisans

230 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY....(Williamsburg, fyi)


WHAT: A packed Havana themed Party-last Thursday night hosted by Kai D. Utility-a made in NY men's apparel and home goods destination that recalls those other great, well curated boutiques packed with items that so directly reflect the owner's tastes---located in other  must go parts of the earth...except this one is a few minutes stroll from the Bedford stop- L train.

fabrics are exceptional-vintage dead stock (rare to find), Japanese selvage, organic cottons, aged canvas, timeless chambrays+linen, Italian wool/cashmere for meticulous blazer/trousers/suits, finished with buttons-hand dyed corozo nuts of the Tagua palms- and trims from local Titan Trading ---meant to last and wear well. The above pictured Dyson Vest is a fav

"...purposeful, lasting goods that reflect our utilitarian beliefs..."
A strong mission statement-so spot-on-the impeccably made, crisp classic styles, well fitting -and meticulous finishes-like a spiffy uniform in a way...and there are plenty of references to durable military and work wear.

IMO the separates (outerwear, shirts, trousers, vests, blazers) are man friendly shades-mostly neutrals and earth tones with a few iconic prints/patterns (herringbone, camo, retro stripes) could wear one of the terrific long sleeve button downs-with a fav pair of jeans...or take a slim vest- to give edge/attitude a traditional black tux ensemble---
The inspiration boards...all over the space----are worth taking time to read...and capture the essence of what the Kai D. utility label is about.
there's that heritage theme going on here-instruments, objects and gadgets  to cherish forever...not modern, but timeless---

We've know Kai D. Fan for years now---and besides having incredible instincts for the next hip 'hood in the Big Apple, his point of view, and his high standards for all of his work efforts and products are in-bred givens. 

Menswear designs that endure. 

As NYers-we're even in awe of how clean everything is---and there is a lot going on inside this store.
shirts, pants, jackets...and well chosen accessories...including man bags and footwear

thought the shirts terrific...long sleeves to wear with or without a tie/bow-ties---also made by Kai D.
flair for artisan tools from 20'-30's-to hand-crafted items from the now...
love the long sleeves---typically priced $165-$225
nothing overdone...nothing underdone either-just done well
a few men's grooming products from Brooklyn Grooming

Price -wise-we'd call it contemporary---higher than GANT-less than Emporio Armani typically ---BUT not mass produced in Asia anywhere with details seen in designer brands costing 2x ...and everything is made in New York.

a few other labels-mostly accessories-are available too
bonus-nice neighbors-with a store across the street-made in Brooklyn leather satchels with art collages+digital images