Tuesday, April 14, 2015

SPERRY Footwear-Action Spring/Fall 2015-Men

Rockin' it backstage NY Fashion Week-a mash-up of prep Sperry Topsiders-and Punk Thrasher (Skateboard) socks.
Outdoor Retailer/SLC

We bet if there was a Celebrity name game for footwear-the clue-boat shoes would readily conjure up the answer Sperry Topsiders-an icon of seafarers since it founding back in 1935 by Paul Sperry.

Sea Kite Sport Moc-greys with lime green neon accent $110 (April delivery)-removable compression EVA footbed+quick drying leather/mesh upper-all day comfort

Adaptive Wave-Siping™

IMO-Sperry TSers haven't been an ancestral brand for years as it Son-R Technology™with its unique out/mid soles design provides very 21st century sensory feedback -with each step for superior stability and agility on slick or uneven surface...PLUS cushioning.

Sea Kite Sport Mocs color options
Combined with a Hydro Grip™outsole and/or Adaptive Wave Siping™ that disperse(s) the wet stuff underfoot, Sperry's footwear's superior traction- in the active collection that we previewed- delivers the function part of an increasingly fashion-y looking upper-including new styles splashed out with camo uppers-the ultimate "it" print for Fall/Winter seasons!

Boatyard $125
Rugged outsole-traction with lugs+Adaptive Wave-Siping

Boatyard-has nice stitch details-and waterproof breathable upper+removable compression molded EVA midsole. Can see how cushy that midsole is-kinda like little massage action going on.
Boatyard Sport Lace $130-w/ waterproof breathable upper+removable compression molded EVA midsole -delivers July

Rugged outsole-traction with lugs+Adaptive Wave-Siping

def. a city worthy shoe...comfort of a sneaker with leather upper that impervious to downpours

color options-Boatyard Sport Lace
Camo -including Real Tree® are super popular...love how Sperry took its new Boatyard Chukka shoe($140) -a waterproof leather/mesh upper-breathable membrane (Sperry WaterBlock™) and put some eye candy to the mix.
Boatyard Chukka Camo $140

Boatyard Chukka -in insulated too in black $150

Boatyard Chukka -insulated +waterproof $150
all Boatyard Chukkas have removable compression molded EVA footbeds
The Voyager could be the favored-with the quick lace bungee , ASV Technology™ in the heel absorbs the shock, Adaptive Wave-Siping, Sperry Waterblock-waterproof/breathable membrane, and compression molded EVA footbed $130

CAMO looks great in the moc design also caged in with the leather overlay...VOYAGER SLIP-ON $120-even the removable compression molded EVA footbeds-sport the right contrast color-in orange...and blue for the grey/black one. Super lightweight. Delivers July.