Sunday, April 19, 2015

CES On The Hill-Highlights Personal+Commercial Electronics 2015

International Consumer Electronics Association

neWEB, Qualcomm, Samsung, Google Cultural Institute, Pinshape, Tensio, Whitings, Canon, Dolby Laboratories, Snapchat

Washington D.C.

Well something finally (prominently) landed in front of the Capitol last Wednesday---it just wasn't a piece of agreed upon- by both houses of Congress- legislature (reining in patent trolls)--- or like-an Attorney General vote…(c'mon people).

No comment on the message or method here of a Florida guy; what really stood out for us… the self-piloted-easy to navigate-consumer electronic/drone-ish aspect of the story (besides the security stuff)--- timed just prior to the CES On The Hill event-that took place nearby at the Rayburn building…an event that had some of its own nifty highlights from the industry/companies -broadly speaking-in the consumer electronics biz.

What truly interested elected officials-beyond a photo op, their massive staffs--- (that seemed to us to be millennials who probably know a lot more than their bosses about applications, gadgets etc.), and media attending…was probably varied.

It was a very well-done event, IMO.

An hour spent there-gave a broad overview of some exhibitors-the most interesting for us-how products  can positively impact a country's infrastructure by reducing energy costs- and efforts to ease internet access in areas currently underserved.

OneWorld---founded by Greg Wyler-def.  highlight ---pictured above is a micro- SATELLITE company-seriously-for companies that provide high speed internet services -like  Verizon, Honeywell, Virgin (Richard Branson's a Board member)- would contract with-to beam down (our expression) internet services (via neWEB satellite) to those in rural-inaccessible areas of planet earth-esp. those areas lacking those lovely cell towers or fiber optic/cable wiring, and connectivity to aviation etc.  We chatted with two employees about how arduously red-tape the process is to launch a satellite and to secure the license to a global spectrum allocated by the ITU and then deliver the 'goods' without interference via a patent pending "Progressive Pitch™." FYI: state of the art onboard GPS sensors and ground tracking measurements assure accurate delivery within meters, plus neWEB satellites avoid outer space collisions and really importantly end of life crashing down aka 'disposal' where it could cause harm. Good to know…one less chicken little-Henny-penny to cause concern

 QUALCOMM® clued us in further that it's a company that goes way beyond its memory chips and showed off techy meters that help municipalities more efficiently manage resources including whether or not life saving hydrants have enough water pressure---

 We haven't seen these garbage receptacles---maybe on the Left coast …powered by solar cells…these waste containers alert sanitation when they're full -via connectivity---which clearly saves person-power time, energy (sanitation trucks prob. suck up a lot of fuel), and costs associated with...

CityBridge( what few old telephone booths are left-and converts them into touchscreen tablets (ADA compliant-Braille)- information kiosks, free charging of personal electronics -w/USB charger, and FREE USA phone calls, ez access 911+311 too via 24/7 gigabyte wifi. No doubt this is a former Mayor Bloomberg's initiative.

Disrupters to the traditional retail distribution system abound----think AMAZON...
Pinshape is the latest entry for 3D printer designers and end-users. Think of it kinda like Etsy (recently  NASDAQ listed and valued at $1billion plus-insane??)...serving as an easy to use platform/ marketplace where interested can download 3D designs---and those designers retain their Intellectual Property-ie. share or sell...not a design service like Shapeways.

made by 3D printer=FUN
Warning-the website-with scores of designs-(can be sorted) is addictive -like Pinterest.

founder-Luke Matheson-super smart-assured us that new materials and collapsing print times are a given-imo like Moore's law. Love how Gen. Zs are going to grow up with 3D printing as omni-present.

CANON's exhibit with fake accessories vs. real deal-was a 411 on counterfeiting of Canon goods...given attendees (and their budget responsibilities to combat illicit products and trade reinforcements at borders)- the Canon show and tell was a reminder that black market goods can come into this country from all over, by many means. Why anyone who allocates meaningful coinage on an authentic Canon camera would ruin it by penny pitching on a battery charger or battery- bought on the cheap from dubious sources-eludes us.

GOOGLE™ Cultural Institute showed us the company's content endeavors - providing an online resource for some of the world's Art institutions, world monuments, and moments in history---via images, text, and historical archive collections of photos/maps---made accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

NEAT-a do-it-yourself virtual reality headset---conjured up in the UK by Google employees as part of the Google 20%-so we were told.

DOLBY Laboratories introduced a new Audio System providing enhanced accessibility features like the ability to turn up volume wise/dialogue enhancements-i.e. the volume (up or down) of the speaker's words-isolating them vs background noise, multiple language deliveries, and descriptive services that we think will have actors/actresses vying for opportunities-like the popular books on tape. 
naturally the 4K UHD tvs dazzled....

Samsung's GEAR Innovator Edition $199- Occulus Games+Apps available for purchase
that's a Galaxy Note in the headset-pairs with that so Android only

iPhone 5+/Apple Watch/iPads...feeds into HealthKit-TENSIO™ app keeps data/tracks vitals for those with hypertension aka "...chronic condition coaching app..."+push notifications accordingly

Withings...Smart Body Analyzer scale...for accurate body fat, BMI, weight in regular and athlete mode, heart rate-and interesting-checks the air quality-temps and carbon dioxide measuring $149
Most time spent: at SNAPCHAT-the disappear in 24 hours video sharing service-searchable by hashtag-congregates events uploaded by users---providing various viewpoints -by timeline-vs  Periscope -Twitter's new video app and Meerkat....that lists but doesn't merge seamlessly by hashtag. VERY FUN.

ALSO interesting-kinda adapted the Holocracy management style we read about on the Business of Fashion website -as adopted by ZAPPOS.