Monday, February 9, 2015

COOL GADGETS-Outdoor Retailer 2015--Portable Power+Fitness Fun

Secur Solar Media Player, C3 Fit INPULSE TEE, FLAMESTOWER, VIBRAM Golf Disc

packaged in a black box---with instructions-with very intuitive directions -even non-techy types will figure it out
SECUR™ is one of those neat companies that makes an assortment of emergency, outdoor and solar charging products…including a new one (ETA APRIL 2015) we got to test out-the Solar Media Player.
the hard shell durable case that is water tough tight against the rain-and carabiner to attach-to backpack for example- charge while hiking.  Handy. Solar panels are in the middle---speakers are on either side. Clean design.

several ways to attach the 2000mAh power bank battery to devices including the ability to charge MP3 players,  smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S5, and iPhone 6 (note we couldn't get our Thule case off of our iPhone 6+-so does not fit in the Solar Media Player-  but can still charge it up and use the speakers). Enclosed---many different stereo connectors, a USB,+ DC input/output…and option to charge the battery via the sun---solar panels are on the outside-or via a USB that we had to plug into a laptop because it has been grey overcast for like a week already!
Great travel piece---and gift for those on the go who always want to be connected wherever. ($49.99)

two attached DC output/input… as pictured-the attachment is the one that will charge our iPhone three options on this connector…the non-attached plug-  on left-plugs into our iPhone's headphone jack-for stereo speakers…

since the sun eludes us this time of year-very dreary-we decided to charge via the USB-plugged into our laptop. There is an indicator light that it is charging…the tiny power switch inside the case is in the "off" position when charging the Solar Media Player's battery

there is  tiny switch inside the case on the battery- to turn "on" position for the speakers to work----plugged into our iPhone and had to squiggle it a bit-but the resulting sound was clear-and in stereo-impressive.

to charge the battery of our iPhone, we used the appropriate attachment…and plugged into the iPhone slot we always use to charge up---and turned the tiny power switch inside the Solar Media Player's case/battery-to the "on" position


From Japanese company NTT DoCoMo and Goldwyn-a slim fitting fitness shirt-made of hitoe-a  smart nano fiber that acts as electrodes- from Toray = C3Fit INPULSE fitness shirt-works with a snap in transmitter to relay -via smartphone app-personal stats like heart rate and EKG waves.

 Similar to the miCOACH Adidas racer back bra+tee-we reviewed prior---with added benefit of being able to store and record the info---if a smartphone is not around.
for now-only available in The North Face stores in Japan-waterproof transmitter
Not high tech here-but the Himalayan Stove Project gets bonus points for industrial simplicity-allowing people to cook in these Envirofit Stoves that are efficient and clean burning-  via free distribution/donation. A big step in curbing air pollution…as these stoves are used inside dwellings...

Stoves that double as power chargers-there are several on the market---but the new FlameStower is easily the most portable-lightest (10oz) one we ever saw.
on the left-that metal piece sticking out goes in the flame. The red cone shape 'thing' that collapses for ez transport-is where the water gets boiled up-and is actually very durable and will not melt if hit by the flames. The connector-power charger is in the back part-away from the flame-and can charge up smartphones or flashlights, for example---the leg design….pictured above in the guy's left hand-rests on the level surface

a picture shows it very clearly---charge times are fairly fast IMO

FlameStower also makes more conventional looking Candle Charger stove-emergency light works with fuel canisters too …with connector…2.5 W of power $75 Hint-replace the water when it boils off.
VIBRAM's cool dog toys and frisbee like rubber based compression molded GOLF discs…low tech fun…!

---what else does a dog need but a durable chewy toy