Monday, May 12, 2014

Beauty Press:New 2014 Nails, Skin+Haircare USA/Germany

Spotlight Day: Midtown Loft

Part 1

Her Nails Rock, Tat2U Cosmetics, M.Asam, Monthly Express, Arts&Scents, My Amazing Blow Dry Secret®

Beauty Press organizes media events that allows smaller niche beauty brands and services ---to demo their wares to invited guests form the print and virtual worlds.

Smart on stop way to get the buzz going in a marketplace that offers up a lot.

We made a beeline for the manicure post-under the auspices of NY Fashion Week staple AJA Clovis of @HerNailsRock---who we see backstage-with her team- painting talons longer than ours (ha ha)…in custom looks designed by ZOYA NAILS.

talented manicurists also got the models' nails all ready backstage at NYFW-ZANG TOI Fall 2014. We had ours done-and manicures done by professionals always last longer, 

TAT2U Makeup

We go to enough makeup trade shows to know that private labels are often "behind" the names of many bold named makeup brands. SO why not go to the source. Especially when these companies launch their own.
Available at Ricky's-these super fun semi-permanent body art Ink pens $12…
@Tat2U Make ( e-commerce on their website)---made by a company that has sold to the professional market for years…delivers extreme colors---silky textures, smoldering pigment densities that last throughout day/night---and body art tools including temporary tattoos = top notch trendy.

A great way to enhance skin with artistic flourishes without the commitment of future pricey laser removal services. ($8-$28). Lipsticks-creme and matte, eyeshadows that can double at body art shades, compact foundations, and nourishing mascara…to choose from.
Makeup fun-seriously pigmented saturated colors-are ageless…Kimberly part of the founding duo!!!!
LOVE-these powders are perfect for taking a pinch a rubbing on hair strands for temporary color. Serious color.

German based M. Asam VINO GOLD group
Founded by Munich- Germany based Mirjam and Marcus Asam-M. Asam body/ skincare launched on HSN stateside…uniting us with Euro tele shoppers who LOVE the grape seed oil/resverartol ingredient based anti-aging, antioxidant packed, rejuvenating collection.

FYI -a lot of different products-grouped by skincare needs (mature, anti-aging, moisture Aqua Intense™)…with different color packaging to tie it all in.
primer worthy-Vino Gold Perfect Teint-we tried a dab on after chlorine pool swim-absorbs quickly and nice layered over sunscreen and under foundation. Non irritating too. 

RICA and NEST-not common but fab!

MONTHLY EXPRESS (aka ME time) @MonthlyExpress takes the membership based subscription service phenomenon to a whole new level -with quality products-for quality time.

Unique high end goodies-full sized- are shipped in a feminine white linen box…for those who want to relax and luxuriously rejuvenate with something new every month. Great gift options too. ($129/month)

founders/partners-no wonder they

hand made refillable scent bottles-ARTS&SCENTS
A seasoned beauty industry hair care professional and a chemist by trade-team up for a rather unique trio of haircare products-that lessen the time it takes to blow dry/style one's hair. MY AMAZING BLOW DRY SECRET®
Daily use, color safe moisturizing and protein packed shampoo $22 and lushly thick conditioner $24-My Amazing Blow Dry Secret-exclusive coconut oil based, water wicking system -disperses water for faster evaporation aka Virgin Coconut Oil Hydrosol Accelerating Dispersion Matrix. (VCOH). Kind of the same principal behind moisture wicking fabrics-including 37.5 (Cocona) textile made from coconut shells. Healthy hair-not greasy-but shiny-protected against thermal heat---with up to 50% less time needed. We have been using the ultra rich-white creamy conditioner…a little goes a long way…that is lightly scented-AND sulfate, paraben, phosphate free. We don't artfully blow dry our tresses…but hold a dryer underneath to stop dripping wet hair from dripping. Did cut that process time---and the formula got the knots out easy-without heavy residue at all….with an easy rinse. 

even drip dry types like us-a nice light way to give some tangle free hold to hair-a blessing on 100% humidity days. Good for all hair types too cause free of paragons/sulfates/phosphates . 2 layer hydrating/protective formula-can see by color differentiation-shake to mix... . No crunch after our hair dried -barely there fruit/floral scent. 

attendees were sipping this effervescent summery German brand of a beverage- Schofferhoffer grapefruit beer ---like soda pop…
Mercifully-a sunny day too.