Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Beauty Press: New Skincare/Makeup USA,Germany, Canada Spring 2014 Part 2

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Midtown Loft

 Spotlight Day happiness-could never be possible without the presence of Flicorri Zecchini-a company with Italian heritage-that offers deeply aromatic and rich tasting coffee/espresso. Perfect-for the city that never sleeps when feeling sleepy. 

Lucky us-this is the 3rd event with Flicori Zecchini (@FilicoriZecchin) serving up the finest top tier espresso drinks. For a preview-the brand now comes in cartridges (K-cup) sizes…as we learned the patent has expired so this niche brand can deliver single serving sizes.

AND boutiques are opening up in NYC.

Another familiar 'face' Le Pain Quotidien (@lpqny) served some tasty treats…to introduce its catering services, baking classes(!) and gift baskets. The original branch of this now popular entity -on the UES's Madison Avenue-was always a fav after the Met museum-stop. Good food, great prices…always fresh-and from what we experienced -always packed too.

bonus points- a stated commitment to sustainable practices and use of organic products. 

ARMOUR BEAUTY (@armourbeauty)-has been treating lips to- saturated color, paraben free non-sticky, long wearing glosses for a few years…we actually met the vivacious Brooklyn based, rocker /mom/ entrepreneur THEO KAGAN at a MakeUp tradeshow-in 2012.
color ranges are fab $21 apiece will last a long time---on the right- a new Vegan/gluten free BRIDGETTE lip gloss with a nice peachy tone that will look good on all skin types. No lipstick needed when wearing Armour Beauty glosses. www.armourbeauty.com

Pure-0% synthetic ingediens, 100% natural, gentle…non-irritating or sting in Pediatric mineral sunscreen.

When we were growing up-slathering on thick white pasty physical block sunscreen-was a daily ritual--- even tanning oil only loving people we grew up with-remember that.

WELL it paid off but now…happily- the formulations for broad spectrum mineral, chemical and fragrance free sunscreens have evolved- offering matte finished,  non-clogging silky textures--that totally blend-on all skin tones.

WITH tinted, plain-natural for face/body, and pediatric versions -Cõtz sunscreen is already on speed dial with us… commissioned for daily use-as its 'sister' brand TIZO is a favorite. And lucky lucky-just finished the last tube. Shelf life = about 3 years…and oil/paraben free  with SPFs 30-58….UVB and UVA blocking.

IMO…physical sunscreens that contain UVA/UVB blocking ingredients like titanium oxide and zinc oxide---  are a must for sweaty workouts- as these irritant free sunscreens do not sting eyes ---and in our opinion-hold up better in water than chemical sunscreens.

What else-100% free of oils, fragrances, preservatives, paraben, PABA, Gluten and Phthalates. And highly rated by the influential Environmental Working Group-best sunscreen list.


Another skincare line we knew from years past, LINDI (@lindiskin) has grown-up-in a business way-with new packaging (to us), more product offerings-and new distribution channels including mass market outlets like CVS. 

And still= a line of serums, cleansers and moisturizers with an exclusive LSA complex with a nutraceutical, astaxanthin- (we actually wikipedia-ed this-for more info) -that is suitable for the most seriously sensitive skin types-including the REALLY irritated skin of those undergoing chemo and radiation treatments. 

founded by a cancer survivor-this company has a lot of doctors on its board.
We tried the Eye Hydrator- ($30) which looks kinda like a gel buts feels ---and went on more like a dry oil product-very nice. It takes about 30 seconds-to about a minute to absorb -leaving our under eye area hydrated, but not greasy at all- and easy to smooth on concealer, afterwards. And as billed-no irritation-or burn.www.lindiskin.com

 No surprise-a skincare/body treatment collection from eastern Canada's coastal area-Indigena (@1indigena) incorporates iceberg water and Labrador tea-and the aromatic apple- as key rejuvenating-anti-aging/anti-acne ingredients in its products.
loved this wooden roll-up pouch available for purchase---www.indigenaskincare.com
 Founded by skincare vet-Lisa Walsh -Indigena has fantastically scented body scrubs, moisturizing cremes-and a top pick- the Muscle Recovery Balm. With just enough peppermint oil to heal-not burn like other brands-the lead ingredient is soothing Aloe Vera and seaweed algae -both proven healers-while the lavender and shea butter assure a relaxing scent and excellent skin feel that is moisturized.

Given time spent in Berlin-ARTDECO 's -Germany's cosmetic/skincare/nail brand with a biz model part Avon/part Maybelline (IMO) was not unfamiliar-BUT certainly this global company has busted out all over-now sold in 120 countries.
Creamy pigment-Art Couture lipsticks in loads of colors including shades for cool, warm and olive skin tones. 
What we really liked were the collectible "beauty box" refillable magnetic compacts-that hold eye/blush/power palettes magnetically-and have a mirror inside/underside. This way to purchase/carry cosmetics is popular in Japan-and with professional makeup artists-we'd like to see this package waste saving cosmetic distribution MO catch on here.

The Jungle Fever collection-ode to Brazil-also includes Spay On Leg Foundation in 3 shades. Love the aquamarine.-turquoise, sweet violet  and green jungle eyeshadows---great way to make eyes pop.

The late great Horst Rechelbacher -(Intelligent Nutrients, and before that Aveeda)…taught us a lot about ingredients in hair care-including the fact that if one strolls down any mass merchant store's hair care aisle-pick a product-like shampoo-any shampoo- chances are super high that for all brands-the first five ingredients-will be the same.

Which is why we were super impressed with the composition of FRAMESI products sampled-from an Italian brand of premium hair color and care-sold professionally through salons.

Their color coded products (aimed out different hair colors-or a neutral -pictured above) are dedicated to freshly preserving whatever hue is in one's tresses-real or mixed in.

The Color Lover Primer 11-a leave in conditioner  with eleven attributes (think of it as a BB or CC creme for the hair).

On shampooed-wet hair-that's been towel dried out. ..it is multi-tasker that detangles easily (a few spritzes all over)- for an easy frizz free, nice to the touch-not heavy or greasy, finish---that also offers thermal protection too. We have been using it to protect our hair under a bathing cap before a swim.

BONUS: water, protein laden hydrolyzed quinoa, Sericin silk protein ( a protein used in hair care for the last 3500 years (!) created by silkworms in the production of silk), moisturizer squalene and a grape fruit cell extract are the first five ingredients….no drying damaging alcohol derivative.

Interesting floral/fruit-ish salon scent that pretty much fades away. A good thing.

AND: sulfate free (good for all hair types), gluten free, DEA free, Sodium Chloride Free and in recyclable packaging. @framesiitaly

The new Framesi Color Lover shampoos shares the quinoa ingredient and is 100% vegan, sulfate free, paraben free, gluten free DEA free and sodium chloride free. We got a sample of the moisture rich shampoo---and it did the job of cleaning our long tresses without drying out an inch-important as nowadays we often wash our hair 2x a day, depending on our training schedule. Scent wise-similar to the primer-this unique kinda floral fruity odor tat we associate with salons- that faded away.

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