Friday, May 24, 2013

Summer Time Lift-PELLEVÉ/GITA GABRIEL-NY Aesthetic Consultants

260 East 66th Street/NYC

Some anti-aging treatments are more effective than over the counter goodies that can take time to get any eye worthy results -as the more high tech options immediately improve the overall look of the dermis via tightening skin perceptively/reducing the appearance of wrinkles---and work even more, over time. PLUS VERY importantly, are now relatively pain-free with no downtime.

There are a bunch of non-ablative lasers out on the market (meaning they don't disturb your visible skin except maybe some redness and minor, minor swelling,  if at all)  ---actually a dizzying array---which, is just another reason to get any kind of laser work done under the rooftops of a Board Certified MD...because after all, they are lasers...and its hard to sort through them all---and select the most effective one possible---for you...not the treatment that solely pays the overhead or comes courtesy of a persuasive salesperson.

We are fans of Pellevé (by Ellman)..with a comfy (and precise) energy delivery system for radio-frequency waves that penetrate deeply into the different layers of the skin-feeling akin to a deep warm massage ---transmitted via a hand held piece-with two size tips available too.

Having had the treatment in our eye area before (see review)...we felt the lifting effect of the upper eyelid area-our concern- lasted about tens months...with the heat build-up beneath the skin's surface (leaving the upper layer of the dermis the same, basically)---causing -and we quote here to be exact:

"...induces collagen denaturation and collagen contraction. Protein stimulation causes new collagen formation and production in the dermis which also results in epidermal tightening. Existing bands of collagen tighten in subcutaneous fat, creating a superficial tightening of the epidermis."

So when given the chance ---we wanted to experience Pellevé again---especially since imo---the longer a device is out on the market and used by trained personnel-the technique varies with the cumulative knowledge, gained from patient responses.

And so it was this past week-as we had a Pellevé session under the expert hands of Medical Aesthetician Gita Gabriel, who works 2x a week with Dr. Ronald Shelton, MD (a Board Certified Dermatologist-at The New York Aesthetic Consultants)---and on other days-performs what most be literally transformative facial treatments at her own day spa.

We began with a cold gel -like grounding blob put on our back...then totally relaxed in a comfy spa bed in a separate private room off the main reception area.

Gita Gabriel---did not need to put us at ease-but rest assured-she has a good bedside manner...and more importantly for us anyway, has done many many MANY Pelleve´treatments on all different skin types-and ethnicities.

We asked this line-less 63 year Hungarian native how she heard about Pelleve´---and the reply was that a patient of her day salon---had it done and looked remarkable.

 Seeing is believing as the expression goes.

In fact-if you gander a look at the smooth face of Ms. Gabriel herself-she has had no plastic surgery---'just' Pelleve´treatments, regular facials---and of course---eats healthy foods, gets regular shut-eye time in, and knows how to de-stress. Because as she noted...what goes on inside the body shows up on the outside too.

The treatment length itself will vary---but basically several-to too many to count passes of the activated hand piece with  yellowish triangular shape tip- goes over (and over) an area---until the skin-that is first usually measured to be 30ºC- gets heated up to a certain temperature (in our case 40-41ºC)...

We chatted the whole time--though other patients fall asleep....while Gita regularly held up a skin thermometer to check on our skin's temperature...and also to assure comfort ---aiming for a warm feeling of '4'-on a scale of 1-5 with '5' being too hot. Notably-certain areas are a tad more sensitive then others---and as it is individual---so the amount of 'heat' delivered, can be dialed up or down...constantly too.

Interesting-we had a bit of a migraine thing going on -as in above our left eyebrow felt like someone was hammering a nail into it----but within a few minutes of treatment in that area-it was gone. Coincidental?

pictures from
ALSO big plus- we have been swimming a whole lot as of late- so our eye sockets look like they now have permanent imprints from the goggles...but we felt that immediately we noticed a lifting effect above our eyeballs...and a very subtle tightening beneath, eradicating the impressions from a 2 hours earlier looong swim. The tightening/smoothing results will continue to 'show-up' over the next three months as the collagen underneath the surface--- regenerates.

One-to three treatments are typically recommended...with costs---that we found online-starting at about $500 and up---depending on what area is treated.

4 treatments over 90 days

Other Tidbits---Gita Gabriel made very spot-on observations about the changing needs of patients/clients---and the old fashioned way of performing facials---versus catering to the needs of modern day customers---who often have fillers (no deep massage!). Her experience is that the products now used are so exfoliating---that additional sloughing off of skin cells can irritate the skin...

We note that no special before or after treatment of Pelleve´was necessary---though we were given an instruction sheet. And also interesting, Gita performed an accu-pressure like massage on treated areas afterwards---a technique she learned during her training from a noted MD---to further mold (in a way) the muscle structure underneath.

Trust us, it felt great.

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