Tuesday, November 20, 2012

GRANITE GEAR Spring 2013 New Backpacks

Outdoor Retailer/SLC

words/images Judith Ecochard

The haulers we use to haul around our stuff (on an incline, or not)- are haulers conjured up by those with engineering degrees-we think...or are somewhere on some spatial smart person spectrum.

It is truly amazing how the lighter/faster get-up and go hiking/trekking/camping/canoe-ing experiences-created the need for an understanding of anatomical ergonomics--- resulting in so many backpack/portage innovations.

From one of the best--- Granite Gear-highlights for Spring 2013:

Air Zip Twists-water resistant zippers, ultralight and made of durable Cordura® 30 D Sil-Nylon

lots of color options and packaged in a reusable stash packaging-sold in sets of 2...four sizes $28.95-$42.95

Leopard V.C. 46 ($229.95) -lighter streamlined backpack for trekkers-features the ultra-light Vapor Current Suspension System- (removable/upgradable-see below), compatible w/ new accessories (see below)...35lb load rating, four sizes in men's and women's hip belts available (each), roll-top clousure, 10mm webbing, removable floating lid, mesh pocket inside lid, flap w/ axe cinches and 2 zippered pockets, stretch woven pocket on front, stretch woven wand pockets

Leonard V.C. 46 and Leopard V.C. 46 Ki in skyblue/slate

dual density hip belt and shoulder straps---AND pictured.the HDPE die-cut sheet that supports 35lbs

Leopard A.C. 58-slate/ethereal

Leopard A.C. 58

dual density hip belt and shoulder straps, 
For bigger loads-the Leopard A.C. 58 ($249.95) has a 40lb load rating featuring the Air Current Suspension System-with three sizes of shoulder straps (s, m, l), 4 sizes of men's/women's hip belts, accessories compatible (crampon holster), tool loops and belt pocket, hydration port and internal sleeve
molded air channels vents heat and moisture away

molded foam pad works w/ frame pictured above--allows for natural evaporative cooling

attach crampon holster

mesh pocket inside lid

one hand easy use cinches -attach stuff here too

stretch woven wand pockets-sulpher/java

stretch woven pocket on front-zips on side so stuff doesn't fall out when opening

roll top closure, removable floating lid

flap with ax cinches and 2 zippered pockets, or as loops for any attachments

Backpack Accessories:
Vapor Current Airbeam Frame-3oz ($49.95) -compatible upgrade for all Vapor Current Packs including new Leopard VC 46, ACI VC 50+Crown VC 60, saves 3oz over standard VC frame and improves performance to 40lbs load, can double as sleeping pad extender

Crampon Holster $29.95-very handy-voile straps fo secure fit, hypalon for abrasion, removable, fits Leopard VC 46 + Leopard 58

Tool Loops-$18.95-attach away-allows for customizable hip belt-on left or right side, fits packs with mole webbing on belt

TRIBALCO. and Granite Gear:

Think you have "needs' to carry---try carting around complete "Tactical Combat Casualty Care Casualty Evacuation Systems" (CASEVAC) sets---- in "far forward and austere environments"like war zones...official and off a map spots---somewhere.

Tribalco...had some of  it's winning Integrated Casualty Solution (TICS®) -the four kits for Extraction, Mobility, Transportation and Sustainment...on display at Granite Gear's exhibit space, as the latter was integral in the design and production of these highly advanced kits-(along with 80 other companies involved in this-so we were told).

Impressive beyond...and why we were so captivated by this---besides the whole genius practicality and life saving-ness of it all---is that say, unlike Supply Side Economics---there really is a trickle down effect from all the advanced gear developments, spurred on by military needs-down to and benefiting the civilian market.
in the background-custom Rotomold transit cases-ideal for TICS® application- impervious to moisture, dust, sand and battlefield containments

Especially when it's the actual four branches of the military helping USA civilians on terra firma here-like during  the most recovery efforts for Hurricane Sandy.

We should of You Tubed this...

Extraction module-packable/ portable without external support

rope down equipment and harnesses included for high angle ascents and descents-can also include high volume, low pressure lift bags to inflate in case of a building collapse or trapped under a vehicle-to perform stable lifts.

this is exactly what it looks like- a military version of the jaws of life weighs 63lbs but has 18,000lbs of cutting pressure-can cut through a tanker

Portable and purposed-field tested -as one can imagine- and competitively bid...impressive.

Removable pouches, modules for advanced cardiac care, and systems of small light-weight interlocking carbon fiber cases-all to provide advanced medical care  contain-for example-individual first aid kits, patient and vehicle attachment straps, supplies to treat mass hemorrhage (including pads able to soak up body fluids so other soldiers don't slide out of a helicopter), circulation, monitors, defibrillator, ACLS meds, emergency cricothyrotomy kit, rapid intubation system, powered and unpowered options to treat  hypothermia...etc.

packs down fast, organized, ready to go-fast