Friday, November 16, 2012

ECCO BIOM + LIFESTYLE Dress/Casual/Performance Spring 2013 Footwear

Outdoor Retailer/SLC

words/images Judith Ecochard

It's bee a few years since ECCO intro'ed its first generation of the BIOM series of shoes-based on scans of runners feet/biomechanics ---leading to running kicks designed to encourage natural foot motion.
BIOM EVO RACER-about 7.8 oz
New for Spring 2013 is a re-thinking of what lightweight minimalism is...with the new second generation  of BIOM EVO RACER-(mesh and Yak leather uppers)....that is about 30% lighter.

Noticeably, the BIOM FIT FRAME is designed for a more glove like fit than prior versions, there is a reduced sole height and heel drop (5mm) more a more natural feel-though it is higher than other natural style shoes of other brands...and the flexible, kinda spongey like PU sole- and new floating shank eases transitions to push-off.
in whole sizes-36-41 for women-

durable outsole

BIOM EVO RACER-mesh upper

BIOM RACER men's-sizes 40-47

There's also a Lite Run BIOM shoe-with a 0mm heel-toe drop, weighing in at 8.3 oz---the most minimalist shoe of the bunch-with same terrific glove like fit----breathable mesh textile uppers with reinforced mid foot, direct-injected PU midsole....pictured below-the men's version- in sizes 40-47.


durable outsole


BIOM EVO RACER in Yak leather upper-Men's


BIOM EVO RACER-men's w/mesh uppers



BIOM TRAIL-with a rubber outsole with specially designed traction pattern, direct-injected PU midsole, natural anatomical last, bio-mechanical flexible midsole construction with breathable mesh uppers-super comfort!
The BIOM concept-with it's great fit and support-extends into trail runners, training/walking shoes, sandals and hiking boots.

AND maybe its best selling BIOM division-the BIOM GOLF shoes ($199-$235) ...very popular with hackers and pros...

Lucky us, we got a pair of the lightweight (around 12.5oz) BIOM TRAIL for winter-made of waterproof/breathable Gore-Tex® upper. The kicker really cuddles/cradles our feet---and we use them as our go to gym shoe. It's technically not for that----but the fit and energy return AND FLEX of each step of a heel to toe walking motion is outstanding. And we really pound the pavement most days so appreciate the grippy outsole too that also seems to spring up for efficient energy return with each stride.

 Plus, we can wear when it's raining outside. For running, we prefer 0mm or 1mm heel to toe drop---so this wash't a trail runner for us to go running on a trail BUT---we would highly recommend these- for those runners who like a 12mm heel-toe drop. Nice.

Super ventilating, fast draining and extra light water shoes---by ECCO are as well made as the BIOM series. And one thing is for sure-these kind of water shoes are multi-funtional-with enough good looks -to wear around town, IMO.

Acqua Sport-mesh upper, speed lace construction-fun colors available $130

lightweight EVA and rubber outsole-with integrated mesh drainage system

suede peep toe Ouyen with ankle strap $170
An entire lifestyle/casual shoes by ECCO -that we barely have time to see---exists...and is catching up here as the styles are fashionable, the shoes are well made and the price points-mostly all below $170-are exceptional.

We previewed what we consider to be feminine classics-shoes/sandals that nicely fit into any wardrobe that also can transition from office to nights out.
pretty leather Okoya peep toe pumps on a stacked platform- $160

Oshima ankle strap leather sandal left-$160

solid chunky heels are easy to walk in...perforated double strap uppers-

Cage straps sandals on chunky heel -pretty lavender with a bit of metallic sheen