Sunday, November 18, 2012

CRISPI Backpack/Expedition/Hiking/Approach Boots and Casual Footwear Spring 2013

Outdoor Retailer/SLC

words/images Judith Ecochard

Hailing from Italy's Montebelluna region, Crispi's rugged tough footwear is getting attention over here---and for Spring 2013, we previewed some newer trekking kicks--- and also the lighter side of footwear...casual lifestyle sneaker/shoes...a look that Euros embrace big time.

City 365° and City Hiking sport urban styling (designed in Italy -starting at $179+) -with performance features like removable PE insoles of Crispi® Air Mesh+Felt+Active Carbons for moisture management, anti-odor and supportive comfort...and Vibram® outsoles with shock absorbing midsoles.
ISY Canvas-w/ a toe cap fo protection

For street strutting and day hikes...these are good for travel too...

men's and women's 
ISY Low-water repellent chamois upper m/w

ISY Leather-soft full grain leather upper

ISY LOW...water repellant Chamois leather with breathable fabric lining, removable insole, Vibra,® sole with shock absorbing midsole

ISY Low Leather-full gain leather upper

TINN Low-upper of water repellant Chamois leather with Gore-Tex® extended comfort footwear lining, removable insoles

Viram® outsoles

TINN COAL/ICE GTXr -all around usage shoes-with waterproof /breathable Gore-Tex® lungs, full grain leather uppers, removable insoles, shock absorbing Vibram® outsoles 

New for S/S 2012- Hiking boots---mid height water repellant full grain leather uppers, Gore-Tex® waterproof/breathable linings... Vibram® outsoles

a visual on the acclaimed CRISPI Wrapping Framework "W F W" by fusing a structural thermoplastic overlay onto the durable Cordura® upper-results in super strength and toughness and the use of environmentally harmful adhesives are reduced...Single Wave Concept -a single piece shape around the instep.
Crispi trekking/expedition/hiking boots boast several unique qualities:
...Ankle Bone Support System for outstanding lateral stability on rough terrain-a massive plus for ankle turners
...Dual Wrapping Framework---a fusion of thermoplastic/Cordura® upper
...C.C.F. Crispi® Crossbow Frame- a wave shaped flexible element within the polyurethane midsole thatincreases shock absorption and motion control.

ACENT PLUS GTX® -light trekking boot-lateral stability via Wrapping Framework Technology-water repellant suede and full grain leather. Cordura®, Gore-Tex® lining, removable PE insole, 3/4 length non-conducting carbon shank w/ two density EVA shock absorption+insulation, Vibram Fourà-Best traction on soft surfaces, toe bumper 

IDAHO-trekking boot-upper with water repellant suede and Cordura®, Gore-Tex® performance comfort footwear lining, differentiated structure with anti-torsion insert insole, W F W wrapping framework- Vibram® outsole with polyurethane shock absorbing Crispi Crossbow Frame midsole-great energy return. 
Solid construction---different heights- Wyoming, Idaho, Utah...


men's Acent Plus GTX®-Vibram® Fourà-Best traction
Ascent Plus GTX®-women's in silver/magenta-light, rugged trekking boot.