Monday, November 12, 2012

BUFF Spring 2013 Head/Neck Cover and Gloves

Outdoor Retailer/SLC

words/images Judith Ecochard

Angler's Glove

Leave it to a European country to redefine what a protective piece of performance gear/wear, multifunctional head coverings should look the case, the Spanish company Buff.

Head and neck coverings, infinity scarves, and snug fitting gloves for water sports,  fly fishing or work- possess thermal, moisture wicking, and/or sun protection properties (UV BUFF®)...and some have bug prevention (Bug Slinger Fly Gear™)...or are made with Insect Shield®.

There are other labels that do this---but as far as design goes---those others don't come close, imo. These selections are fashion statements.
tabs on fingers for easy pull off

waterproof suede pull tab, quick dry/protective design and palm for Sport Series MXS  Gloves $39. 
Spring 2013 brings new prints and designs---UV Buff Surf, State, Yoga and Motorcycling series in full neck and half sizes, depending.  ($23-$27)

Our favs----Endless Summer-the SURF COLLECTION $27

ECP PLUS---an Infinity Scarf line made of organic cotton ($39).

States----Oregon, left and Utah, right

Gloves and face masks in fun colors....