Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Anti-Aging Skincare by Elayda™+Suncare

 NYC/Outdoor Retailer-SLC

Continuous Results™by Elayda™ is a multi-product anti-aging system consisting of three core products-sold in a kit- (Gentle Hydrating Cleanser, Transforming Complex-with PURE retinol, Nourishing Hydrator SPF29- currently available online for $39.95-60 day supply) to be used 1-2x a day...plus - two bonus items-Eye Lifting Creme and Spot Correcting Complex (with 2% hydroquinone).

Brought to us by the same company that recently introduced BeyondClear™acne treatments for adult skin...Elayda™ also makes use of the cutting edge leave-on foam technology (HyTrate™)-to deliver the retinol and other pro-collagen (meaning good for the skin) ingredients...so that it actually penetrates the dermis and does something.

before and afte pics from Elayda website
We gave our samples to a gal pal with dry skin-even in hot humid weather, and meaningful fine lines and wrinkles underneath/around her eyes. She got the hang of what products to use when---(in the AM cleanse, Transforming Complex, Nourishing Hydrator with SPF29, Eye Lifting Creme...at night, cleanse, Transforming Complex, Eye Lifting Creme, Spot Corrector -on the back of her hands)...the whole process maybe took her 4 minutes per, tops.

After about five weeks of use, she actually felt her skin looked noticeably brighter, evenly toned, with subtle smoothing of fine lines...under her eyes.

How the 'system'  works is that every 60 day supply comes with increasing strengths of Pure retinol -derived from Vitamin A-a proven anti-aging ingredient. The treatment products also contain peptides, Vitamin B5 and E, and Niacinamide-a potent mix of skin smoothing goodies and antioxidants.

Scent -wise, its subtle-with a light citrus-y scent...and all the skin treatment products were easily absorbed and left a hydrated feel- that make-up easily goes over.

We tried the Gentle Hydrating Cleanser ourselves and were impressed with how the product got off all the gunk without us feeling like our skin was being stripped off.

And price wise, at around $20 per month---Elayda is just above mass market prices, but considerably lower than higher end products that may or may not deliver the same results.


Since we recently spent meaningful outdoor time in the Rockies, we got how "hot" the sun is at the higher altitudes.

AND if one uses meaningful sunblocks from the get go-one wouldn't need so many anti-aging skincare products to begin with.

At the Demo Day of the most recent Outdoor Retailer tradeshow, we chatted with the Beyond Coastal skincare guys. The company makes an all natural, full spectrum UVA/UVB SPF30+physical block sunscreen (no chemicals/preservatives/parabens)-that actually goes on clear...and is top rated by the highly influential Environmental Working Group (EWG.org).

We go through about three 4oz tubes of Natural Clear/ year...and with the new FDA labeling laws...going into effect soon, we learned that the Beyond Coastal's sunscreens will indicate that they're water resistant to 80 minutes.

Lip Balms

Another sunscreen company at Demo Day- new to us---is SUNOLOGY®---that also offers up physical, not chemical sunscreen,

The sample packs given out that we tried were for the body ---or would work for those with super dry facial skin---as the thick lotions were very moisturizing (via VitaOleféra™- and "FSG Complex"with moringa oil, anti-oxidants, and Omega oils).

Highly concentrated, Sunology®'s lotions (SPF50 under the new FDA guidelines)- were easy to spread on our arms/legs, and went on clear once rubbed on...and leaves a very moisturizing feel...

There is a Sunology® sunscreen for the face that we did not try.


J. Ecochard