Monday, August 30, 2010


Words/Tradeshow Images Judith Ecochard

Best selling, Born To Run author Chris McDoughall espouses the way to super tribes and pain free mileage---though we always think of BRUCE when we hear that title...being "...tramps like us..."

And we train in Newtons and race in Scott Running---both 'Natural" style peds...

A digression--- that gets us to the absolutely stylish street wear worthy Spring 2011 we saw at Outdoor Retailer from Terra Plana...(has stores in the cooolll LES Manhattan, London, Vienna Australia, Singapore...) and Vibrams---a division of the company that probably has your hiking boot outsoles seriously covered...

But now a multi-faceted footwear company with a two years old, minimalist running shoe--- with a separate compartment for each toe. That we know is a fashion statement as we have seen it on the Hollywood Red Carpet, adorning tuxedoed actors who are aping hipster cred.

Or maybe they run in them.


The VIVOBAREFOOT performance range “helps awakens the senses and encourages us to run as evolution intended – barefoot.”

Okey Dokey ---but chances are Mother Nature didn’t factor in the broken beer bottles/car glass, and other pointy hard objects that miraculously find their way onto NYC running paths. 
Since we can’t all run on putting green smooth grass…it should be noted, that the Revo ($120) does have something of an outsole.

In fact----

---- the slim-line Vivobarefoot line, including the now out Achillies running sandal and Evo---a modular shoe using Vivobarefoot technology for efficiency to- well, help us to run fast.  

---has an ultra-thin patented sole that has the protection (of “normal shoes”)----but makes the wearer use feet/leg muscles like you’re supposed to. Instead of pounding the knees so much.

Stride adjustment may be necessary.

LIGHTWEIGHT and stripped down...the running shoes feel better--- though we have not actually run in a pair.


Softmesh upper made from recycled PET (plastic water bottles et al)….and the coolest looking retro style ever.

BOTTOM LINE: Street chic alert--we bet trendsters will be wearing pronto.

THEIR MO: "No heel, no midsole, no arch support, no gimmicks."

We add---a mindful approach to environment too.

FYI---a line of vegan  high heel pumps, and ballet flats...and other types of footwear also for sale by Terra Plana.
ULTRA---white amphibious running shoe


TheVIBRAM FIVEFINGERS' juggernaut---did not abate at Outdoor Retailer. The booth was jammed packed every time we cruised by----with enthusiasts who have gear galore trying on the kickers like kids in a Dylan's candy store. 

Truth be told, our toes are kinda interesting in shape from 15 years of hardcore ballet---so getting these running shoes on, especially our pinkie toes--- was not a snap, crackle and pop.

HOWEVER THE NEW VIBRANT COLORS, new toplines and patterns are beyond looking on all kinds of feet...even Big Foot would grunt his waders in---let alone Cinderella's stepsisters.

A lifestyle shoe for sure...and clearly street savvy headed--- blessed with some protection underneath.

NOTE: There has been serious attention devoted to counterfeit goods...and there should be. We are even horrified that people we know in the fashion industry think nothing of buying counterfeit goods. For shame.

SO---good to know, Vibrams FiveFingers is very active in weeding out the imposters available online.

AND----We think people are absolute morons and risk injury wearing the fakes...  if they're dumb enough to think they are getting anything remotely close to the real deal at cheapo prices 

The wellness footwear category usually sells at full price, and FiveFingers certainly does.


PREDICTION: Fashion designers we plan on seeing during the upcoming Spring/Summer 2011shows of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week/New York---and other slick venues like Milk Studios...will be clamoring for a fab collab with Vibram.