Friday, October 30, 2009



Words, Images Judith Ecochard

We were draggin’ a half hour prior to the Spring 2010 Robert Geller Menswear show during the packed NYFW.

But an encouraging pr peep told us not to miss this runway outing…and was she ever right.

This lineup of 26 well edited looks by Robert Geller, a German born fashion veteran (prior toils---partner with Alexandre Plokhov- of edgy menswear label Cloak) was a celebration of hip male attire 2010.

Done up in bold rich colors (emerald green, petroleum, dusty plum, cobalt/twilight blue) as well as user friendly neutrals (black, brown)…the layered ensembles debuted the same week as Geller’s capsule collection for denim gurus LEVI STRAUSS--- was launched.


According to the run of show, the designer mused on Germany in the late 50’s “a country working hard to start a new and leave the past behind…”

What that meant to Geller was a renewed sense of optimism for Germany (WIRTSCHAFTSWUNDER) to “remind wearers of the redemptive power of Spring…” and what Deutschland guys would wear on holiday to the North Sea.

Comfort is mandatory===we don’t know any guys that suffer for beauty in a matter of speaking.

So there were plenty of wearable “cozy and inviting” fabrics in the show…like a cashmere blend v-necks sweater and vest, a clay dip-dyed sweatshirt, a premium denim blazer etc.

Tailoring came into play too… a mix of volume and silhouettes---skinny jeans, baggy linen pants, striped fitted trousers (hello Brian Jones Rolling Stones)

---plus handsome “cadet” jackets, hoodies and anoraks, and a “Mudd Brown” zipped leather jacket accessorized with a sheer chiffon like fabric as a pin or scarf …gave the separates= versatile possibilities.

Lots of loose fitting shorts, over compression like black, to the knee pieces---were also shown…we are curious to see how that translate to real life.

We like the overall styling in general, the jaunty hats, sunglasses and rolled up trousers…as if the guys had emerged from a stroll along the North Sea landscape.

Left us thinking…yup, a winner.