Wednesday, February 4, 2009




Words, some Images Judith Ecochard and from company websites

The performance clothes and gear might get heartbeats pumping…but the skincare products that exhibit at this tradeshow…can generate “wow” comments too…and are a huge part of this industry.

And we don’t mean just last minute impulse buys.

No lectures needed given the increased rate of skin cancer…

Serendipitously, we were stopped in our tracks, literally, at the MISSION SKINCARE™ “Athlete-Engineered Skincare™ booth.

The line up of six basic product groups, handsomely packaged-has been tested and meaningfully so... some of the world’s top athletes…including soccer’s Mia Hamm, NBA player Steve Nash and snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler who favors the hydrating Sweet Vanilla Lip Balm SPF15-that she “created.” ($3.99)...CO-FOUNDED THE BRAND!!!!!!

The latest ‘name’ to jump on board with input- is tennis great Serena Williams who smashed through her opponents at the recent Australian Open wearing the super charged aloe based clear Revive Gel ($12.99) and the greaseless AND anti-sting Daily Offense SPF 30 Stick ($8.99).

Okay…we know that hope in a jar claims often leave us out a few bucks with less than desired results…and sunburnt.

But we tried the bestselling Anti-Friction Cream ($12.99) on our feet when we hit the slopes riding. Engineered to prevent chafing, cracking and chapping from skin-to-skin or skin-to-gear contact, the healing moisturizing cream absorbed immediately. One plus.

Another Plus…

… though our regular face plants reflect our skill level (or lack thereof), the fact that our peds were rash free and felt dry –they’re usually desperately need TLC after 6 hours on the powder packed Rockies…reflect just how good this Mission’s high performance goodie is.

THE HEAD HONCHO: Josh Shaw---he of the TV reality show-Apprentice 4 ---in 2006.

ATTRIBUTES: “Breakthrough technology, vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants…and…preservative-free, irritant-free, and animal-cruelty free.”

WE APPLAUD: MISSION SKINCARE supports charities of its athletic partners.

RETAIL: Foot Locker, Lady Foot Locker, Champ Sports, City Sports and Performance Bicycle



We love this line of healing balms that has a slew of USDA certified organic (99%-100%) products on retail shelves. We are partial to the Sore Joint Rub ourselves…loaded with powerful arnica (soothes muscles, joints) and black pepper extracts (circulatory stimulant). Now available with in a gift set too-with the original and cooling blends ($19.99).

And it smells like the real deal too…as “the ingredients are minimally processed so that the natural vitamins and entire botanical aromas are still intact.”

“You are really smelling the real deal,” a Badger devotee noted. She is a regular user of the Mind Balms (Headache, Stress Soothers)-an affordable aromatherapy-that now comes in a handy gift set. ($16.00)

Widely available…the Badger SPF 30 Sunscreen (60% organic ingredients) is popular with families too…as the broad spectrum sunscreen is safe for all ages.



We were demo-ing a slew of winter gear on a sunny spring like day …when it dawned on us that our SPF 15 sunscreen was not going to protect us against high altitude rays. Luckily, Beyond Coastal a line of sun care products, had set up a booth with samples of their fragrance free, oil free, paraben free…and water and sweat resistant sunscreens.

We opted to try the “Natural Sunscreen”-composed of micronized natural actives like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide for broad spectrum protection (SPF 30). The cream felt light on the skin and didn’t leave us mask-like.

And our skin wasn’t all dried out at the end of the day either…with jojoba, algae extract and shea butter as healing ingredients.

Beyond Coastal also has suncreens formulated specially for kids, surfers (or anyone on the water) and also comes in a handy tin…which we will be sure to try on a mountain trek.


CODA: When we got back the The Big Apple, we felt our visage needed some soothing anyway. We got our skin back with help from Denise De Giulio (212 957-0777), a licensed medial aesthetician who took her time to analyze our facial needs/craves…and applied a rejuvenating and healing assortment of high-end Sothy products to get the red out .