Wednesday, February 18, 2009


February 13, 2009

Morgane Le Fay Boutique, 67 Wooster Street, NYC

Words, Backstage Images
Judith Ecochard
RTW Images courtesy of Morgane Le Fay/Marie Saeki PR.

We missed part of Morgane Le Fay’s RTW show as we had a long trek after the Heart Truth show at the Tents...

But we’re glad we made the effort to see as much as we could of Designer Liliana Casabal’s collection. We had an amazing ankle length gray silky raincoat that was cut as intricately as a Commes Des Garcons/Rei Kawakubo piece...that we left on an Amtrak train by mistake. Needless to say, this treasured item of clothing was never given over to Lost and Found.

It was terrific, full of wearable fluid feminine layers of chiffon and intriguing bird hoops/wired skirts/dresses that we can see some young celeb wearing to collect her Grammy award. The color palette of white, black, a dusky purple, and a royal/turquoise blue is flattering on all skin tones.

Le Faye gets tagged with the adjective “ethereal” ...and it does fit this lineup of intelligent moody garb in the same way as Vera Wang’s latest RTW collections. After all Morgan Le Fay is the enchantress in Arthurian legends. Fortunately--like the benefits of modern times including indoor plumbing, Casabal's clothes are very comfortable to wear...which helps the attired feel confident too. This was one of the few shows we have been to where the models didn't rip off the shoes/garb as soon as humanely possible.

Added plus: we feel her trumpet style skirts, long sleeve button sheer blouses, and dresses, particularly a delicate Grecian style blue cocktail confection...with swaths of wrapped chiffon strips flowing on the model as she a good choice for a wide range of women and body types.

We also liked the equestrian style black leather boots that we have now seen at several shows. Backstage, the models were thrilled to get Doc Marten samples.

BOUTIQUES: 67 Wooster Street, 746 Madison Avenue, (64th/65th Streets) NYC