Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Garment Center, NYC February 18th, 2009

Words, Images Judith Ecochard

The girly frilly Leifsdottir gal has gone moody romantic for Fall 2009.

She had help too---in the clever staged tableau vivant settings that featured banquet tables laden with precious lace and rich tapestries, candelabras, exotic sweets, fruits and objets trouvé…lit by overhead glowing torches.

Amidst this setting, the strolling, coy models looked as if they stepped out of the large ancestral canvases, Harry Potter style-----that line the oversized staircases of medieval castles…perfectly coiffed and glowingly made up in keeping with the theme of mysterious splendor.

But the clothes, naturally were for the 21st century.

We had a lovely chat with Executive Design Director Johanna Uurasjarvi who cited her trip to the ancient monastery of Mont St Michelle, off the coast of Normandy, and the gothic architecture of old castles in general, full of gargoyles and griffins, as the jumping off point for “the magical quality” of her collection.

As usual, the details and embellishments are outstanding including loads of finely woven lace –as on a onyx black dauphine lace dress, well stitched pleating, ruching and trims on lovely silk blouses and wool skirts, ruffled flares on finely knit cardigans, griffon printed inner linings, colors derived from old oil paintings and tapestries… “alchemy gold, crimson berry, bold floral prints” …and little brass buttons.

“There is a feminine element but with more of a modern attitude,” Uurasjarvi notes.

“Though my favorite part of the show was doing the hair…like the styles in oil paintings…really cool.”

FYI: Leifsdottir is part of the Anthropologie mothership---and available at higher end boutiques, Bloomingdales. Bergdorf’s and Nordstrum’s.


ADDED BONUS: Felicity Huffman---a great stage actress (David Mamet /theater leading lady) and TV’s “Desperate Housewives” Lunette Scarvo---returns to NYC!!!!