Friday, February 6, 2009




Dr. Yan Trokel- the Maxillofacial and Cosmetic Surgeon maestro of the very effective “Y Lift” is one of those opinionated professionals who’s opinions we actually respect.

So when Dr. Trokel told us to stop by his office to meet a colleague he respects, the Parisian Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Jules-Jacques Nabet who has “worked with anti-aging hormones for a long time”--- we said “oui”.

Dr Nabet has launched a revolutionary skincare line composed of 'premium' quality ingredients like essential amino acids, vitamins, sea collagen, and interestingly enough (and it makes perfect sense) phyto-hormones (“vegetal hormonal precursors of soya Yam and Vitamin F) that are delivered deep into the dermis via an enzyme carrier. We were told this eponymous collection is currently for sale exclusively at Harrods in London…and that a USA launch sometime in the summer---was in the works.

Yes, we were curious.

A bit of our conversation got lost in translation but we were impressed with the list of good for you goodies that are in the creams and serums. For example, the popular sellers across the pond include the Zen Attitude Serenity Care Cream (to tighten and preserve the suppleness of the skin) and the Revitaxin Cream that contains Hyaluronic Acid (that is a “quick fix” via “Regeneration of the skin tissue and fibroblasts, Stimulation of collagenesis…and Hydration).

“My concept is to provide ‘cosmetic surgery at home’…for the patient that doesn’t want cosmetic surgery… and the patient that wants to extend the positive effects of plastic surgery” explained Nabet.

“Topical application of the hormones estrogen and progesterone (or their chemical equivalents) will change things at the molecular level.”

Given the buzz on hormone replacement therapy---the “natural” kind---we think the “exterior approach” makes just as much sense as an “interior approach.”

Other treatments in this skincare line-which is priced at the high end of topically applied products like “La Prairie” …target the puffiness and skin texture under eyes (Eye Contour) and cellulite (Slimness Emulsion Slimming Act).

We liked the pump aluminum bottle that the Zen Attitude Serenity Care Cream came in…as we tried a bit right then and there. The light cream (really a thick lotion) sank in greaselessly (YEAH) and was barely scented.

Time will tell if our skin tightens up after three months of 2x daily application (the recommended ‘dose’). Long-term benefits would be FABULOUS---though we have to say we were visibly impressed with how our skin glowed…immediately.

If there is valid scientific evidence that backs up the purported positive effects of this skincare line and its cellular aging rewind… in a matter of speaking…Dr. Jules-Jaques Nabet’s skincare line will be HUGE!


Images from the : DOCTOR JULES-JACQUES NABET website