Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Text, Vivian G. Kelly
Photos by Ed Kavishe/fashionwirepress.com
As a Colleague remarked upon entering the fluoresent lit space, “Y-3’s a high tension show”. Y-3’s one of the hottest shows of the season, but the endlessly repeated Japanese Anime/Jazz track was strangely calming.

Adidas runs the press for Y-e and there’s a definite sporty element to the line, from the hoodies to vest that opened with huge “Y-3” lettering that kicked things off to a navy pair of track pants with a sheer lifeguard orange hooded long coat.
Even an ivory canvas suit tlooked sports minded with the 3 Adidas logo bars on it and the old school green styled Adidas the model wore.

Many of the jackets and vest had giant Y3 chrome key chains dangling off the zipper.

For a spring collection, there was a great deal of black, which made the few red and orange ruffled pieces stand out.

Black always looks right at night and the horizontal layered tank dresses would work for the athlete out on the town after a tough day’s practice.

ACCESSORIES – best was the oversized round bag in black and white patent leather and the smaller sportier pieces work for daytime as does the round laptop tote bag.

The cobalt blue bathrobe coat with white piping and the sheer hooded jackets in baby blue and orange.

The core DNA is sports, so it was fitting that the most dressed up piece was a red polo cashmere sweater paired with a long black ripstop swagged ballgown skirt, and that there were logos on just about everything.
The bridal gown in crushed cotton voile would do well for a laid back wedding in the tropics.

Men will certainly wear the suits but we doubt they’ll embrace the skirts shown, even if they DO have Adidas stripes on them.