Wednesday, September 17, 2008


DYLAN HOTEL, Midtown NYC September 17th

Words, Images by Judith Ecochard

After pounding the pavement covering NY Fashion Week-we jumped at the chance to learn about Spenco’s cushioning and supportive insoles for our hurtin’ peds.

Ugh, we need these.


SPENCO®, a complete line of innovative inserts for all types of footwear, was founded in 1967 by Dr. Wayman Spence (Spenco Medical Corporation), a visionary ‘healer”/ footcare specialist. With the mission of developing insoles “…with a foot problem in mind…” Spenco now manufactures a huge assortment of orthotics, gel inserts of varying sizes, and other foot aids…keeping in mind that we are “…all different with different needs and feet.”


There are several major groupings of inserts, staggeringly so by our count.

To start off, we got a review of the SPENCO RX™- “Doctor” oriented line, available at podiatrists’ offices and upscale individual pharmacies. These inserts feature a special, air-injected proprietary cushioning SPENCO® Material-and is geared towards real medical needs like diabetes, arthritis etc. Assorted arch/ball of foot cushions as well as full length, customizable options exist-serving up “…proven technologies for maximum support and comfort.”

Available at shoe stores and individual pharmacies – are the SPENCO® Gel inserts featuring the exclusive multi-density Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) gel that “creates targeted support and cushioning with 44% return for all day comfort.”

Contoured design supports the heel, arch/metatarsal portions of our peds while the antimicrobial top cloth, cuts down on foot odors. Extra heel cushioning and cupping options make these very affordable ($6.99-$14.99) inserts no brainer additions to everyone’s wardrobe-especially if one spends time on their feet.

Athletic types are probably already familiar with the SPENCO® Polysorb® Replacement Insoles that “combine lightweight contoured polyurethane bonded to a layer of air-injected Spenco® Material for shock absorption and energy return for overall foot comfort.”

Runners, hikers and specifically targeted backpacker products all sport additional bells and whistles to provide extra oomph for all endeavors.

We particularly admired the SPENCO® For Her™ insoles with Q factor™ technology that address the skeletal and muscular differences females have (like wider pelvises).

Natural strides are key to avoiding repetitive strain injuries to the foot---and the “For Her” groupings of cushioning insoles targets a gals’ tendencies to roll out (supination) and then over pronate (shifting weight to inside of the foot).

New this year is the SPENCO® Men’s dress insoles that feature all of the aforementioned cushions but also feature “ultra-fresh Silpure” for odor control…topped with a masculine brown micro-suede covering.


FACTOID: Wayman Spence sold his first athletic insert/insole- to a little known company-back in the day---NIKE!