Sunday, September 14, 2008

The ROCK & REPUBLIC Showing of the spring 2009 Collection

Text, Vivian G. Kelly
Images, Dan Lecca, Courtesy of Mercedes Benz
TIME & PLACE, Saturday night, September 6, 2008, at the big tent at Bryant Park

THE THEME: “Redemption”
Ashley Olsen also braved the rain to come out and see what was new at Rock & Republic. Like us, maybe she experienced a bit of a letdown and left a bit puzzled about the conservative direction Michael Ball, the Creative Director and CEO is taking Rock in.
He started the company on a back of a pair of jeans [now legendary] that he designed for his girlfriend back in 2002.
[View the 3 images from the fall 2007 collection in this post we found on and see if YOU can’t see the difference too. HINT: one model is wearing a hat and the other 2 models are wearing sunglasses.]

The hair and makeup by EUGENE SOULEIMAN and JEANNE LOBELL respectively were rock and roll all the way.
The clothes themselves were subdued and restricted to a black and white palette.

Tight and short – okay that’s definitely rock & roll as were the black leggings and fitted shirt that the Olsens would probably incorporate into their wardrobe as basics.

Ruffles – these were a bit off-kilter and a bit oversize.
Studs – these were used conservatively in the cocktail dresses and gave them a bit more edge.
Next to the toned-down clothes, the accessories really popped and shone. Best in show goes to the ATHENA shoe in black patent with a Lucite heel and to the black stamped leather clutches you could wear with just about anything.
Also of note was the white nipped in jacket, a nice separate which would look good with the Rock jeans you already own.

As the women, offerings for the guys were super simple. It’s hard to go wrong with a pair of skinny white jeans or a white dinner jacket and a pair of slim black pants that boasts a very rock & roll name – “the slim fuck pant in angst”.

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