Friday, September 12, 2008

MICHAEL ANGEL: Showing of the Spring 2009 Collection

TIME & PLACE, 9:30AM, Friday, September 5, 2008
The Salon & the Bryant Park Tents, NYC

We sat with friend, and designer, R. Scott French who cued us in a bit before things got started.
Mr. Angel hails from Australia and was inspired by Fleetwood Mac, meaning, Stevie Knicks, the bands beautiful lead singer.


Semi-opaque dresses in ombre and zebra prints, both long and short.
The ombre tended to look more elegant in a more muted gray palette, but were a touch too psychedelic in the purple ombre that he showed later with the exception of a simple satin tank dress.

WE LOVED: the one shoulder chidden vertical gray ombre A-line dress, perfect for cocktails.
While there were some nice structured pieces such as the long silver lame and gray tube gown, it was the numbers in the more flowing chiffon fabrics that really shone. The beaded pieces looked stiff by comparison as the silver lame skin tight jeans that should come with the disclaimer, “ only to be worn if you’re a rock star”.
Chiffon is a tricky fabric and can easily look like too much fabric, but it worked well in a free flowing strapless gown that would look equally well on a size 0 Rachel Zoe or a size 12 woman.

Towards the end there was a tissue wool steel gray column gown with interesting swarovski crystal mesh strap detailing that looked like an epaulette on the shoulder.

TREND: get your legs in shape – short and super short hemlines are what we can look forward to.

To view more designs from past and present Michael Angel collections, visit his website at