Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Backstage at the DIESEL BLACK GOLD Showing of the spring/summer 2009 Collection

Text, Vivian G. Kelly
Backstage images, Vivian G. Kelly
Image of Marlene Dietrich from www.sitemaker.umich.edu

We squeezed in a few moments backstage at this much-anticipated show, thanks to Jono, the owner of JONO PRODUCTIONS, definitely one of the most pleasant PR professionals in the business.
Once backstage the various looks that makeup star VAL GARLAND created for Diesel Black Gold captivated us.
Val was unavailable but we were lucky to grab KERI BLAIR, a Senior Artist at MAC who is based in New York who sketched out the looks for us.

These looks were definitely all about the eyebrow – think a super skinny one like film star Marlena Dietrich used to wear.

LYRA MAG: Can you take this from Runway to Real Way?

KERI: Definitely. Add a pop of color; you don’t have to put on nearly as much as we’re doing back here. This is the kind of look that when you’re feeling racy, you add on as part of your repertoire. It goes with the sick side of your personality.

LYRA MAG: What colors do you need?

KERI: Black liquid gel liner and a navy blue pencil, to create the shadow, or you could use magenta instead.

LYRA MAG: There are a few looks going on here. The one we’re calling “the Marlene [Dietrich] is pretty wild.

KERI: Oh that’s nothing. Have a look at the one that is Alice Cooper inspired [see image].
That one’s even more Avant-Garde

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To view more looks from the Diesel Black Gold Collection, visit their official website,