Saturday, September 6, 2008

6199 MAURICE & ILANA SUNDERLAND- the spring 2009 Collection presentation

Text, Vivian G. Kelly
Images, Casi Densmore-Koon

We had our first celebrity sightings, AUDRINA PARTRIDGE, from MTV’s hit show, “The Hills”, and LINDSAY PRICE, from “Lipstick Jungle”. Both actresses looked great, and gave the photographers something to get excited about.

That aside, the clothes [men’s and women’s both] were chic, simple and the best kind of ready to wear – day to evening.
As Calvin Klein did so famously in the 90’s, these designers stayed in the area of mineral neutrals: Pewter, onyx, garnet, and taupe.
The 3 button suits with a narrow collar looked well, slim and narrow, like a well cut suit James Bond might wear.

This is where the designers really shone. Dresses were either sheath, short sleeved or with a long slightly belled sleeve. All fitted nicely over the body and were fabricated from a rich looking silk jersey.


Lindsay looked great in a coral poodle skirt dress, and while she may not be a designer in her “real life”, she’s a woman who knows what she likes.

LYRA MAG: You play a fashion designer if “Lipstick Jungle”, what’s your take on this collection? What do you look for when you’re sitting at a fashion show?

LINDSAY PRICE: I love the shapes they showed here, they’re immensely flattering. That’s what I always look for when I’m looking at clothes.