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Garment District, NYC July 11th

Text- Judith Ecochard-Images courtesy of ÉDITÉ SHOWROOM and J. Ecochard

A quick visit to see the latest stock at the under-the-radar designer haven, ÉDITÉ SHOWROOM is always rewarding…as print editors from InStyle, Elle and Vogue and major buyers from Neiman’s, Nordstrom’s and Saks Fifth Avenue have discovered!

One designer we simply drool over is Tamae Ishii, an industry veteran who has toiled at chi-chi houses like Valentino, Jean-Paul Gautlier, Calvin Klein and Zac Posen. Her past labors help explain what grabs our eyeballs PRONTO when we preview Resort 2009- Ishii’s luxe fabrics.

We love, love, and love the sumptuous Italian materials in silks, mesh and linens- with a palette inspired by the golden yellows, hot reds, and bright blue teal of Sardinia’s topography and the Mediterranean Sea.

Needless to say, these colors will absolutely pop against a tan (real or not).

We also feel Ishii’s meticulous abilities to drape/ruffle fabrics- as in a gathered yellow/white print top- and sunny yellow and navy Grecian dresses- are flattering (not puffy) and so set her apart from so-called similarly priced second designer lines made in China.

Ishii is 100% manufactured in New York City- for immediate gives and takes between designer and production. It shows.

There is absolutely nothing second about this collection.

IMHO: Ishii’s Resort 2009 right up there with major designer brands…but at better price points ($125-$620).

Ishii has an exceptional eye for textural details too-as in deconstructed edges in a white mesh number... that naturally looks amazing with a sexy swing skirt and a matching cropped jacket embellished with a sparkling Swarovski flower pin.

Not to worry, the aforementioned ensemble is way MORE REFINED NOT RETRO and will look great on ladies from 21-to one foot in the grave types.

Other separates we think will do very well at retail are the coated linen silver or gold infused tops with silk trims, a faux bustier top, a sleeveless leopard print blouse in white/green

…and the adorable navy, white trim shorts.

Notes Rachel Paletsky, co-leader of the sharp, hard working team at Édité –

“After the first mass release of Ishii (Spring 2008)-everyone called back for Fall orders. People understand what they’re getting…high-end fabrics, fashion forward, (an) easy to wear accessible collection…”

OUR FAVORITE: An emerald green dress with cowl neck and trim details-a day to night dream piece.

WHERE TO BUY IT: Emily Clare’s Boutique-51 West Street, Litchfield, CT 06759
Nikki Laura 4 Prince Street, New York, NY 10012

And if they’re smart-better department stores-SOON.


(Say that 5x fast)

Parisian designed, Thailand made peds are not commonly found in the fashion world. Pring Chindahporn and her family, wisely take advantage of the country’s exotic skins’ sources with her breakthrough Spring 2009 line.

Pring Paris’ shoe details are exceptional. For Spring 2009 she refreshes the Gladiator look that’s ruled for awhile with strappy snakeskin sandals- but makes it her own with brass grommets and an exposed zipper heel detail.

Also eye-catching is the delicate lotus petal motif graciously adorning the ankles of multi-strapped toe cover sandals… and a knockout, wonderfully crafted lavender handbag –part of the brand new carryall collection.

We also admired Pring’s use of contrasting textures and colors in her flat(ish) black and pink leather open toe sandal and stacked heel sandals that we can actually walk in.

WHERE TO BUY IT: Michelle New York, 376 Atlantic Ave. Brooklyn, The Pink Dutchess-24215 Hawthorne Blvd. Torrance CA.
Pring Paris Rue de Charlot Paris 75003


Truth be told, we’re not big jewelry wearers-if we can’t take a shower and sleep in it-chances are we don’t wear it either.

But we are re-thinking that barebones take on accessorizing with the bust out of the art galleries debut of the biomorphic silver statement pieces by Brynn Hudson.

Made in New York, Hudson’s necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets can magically transform typical NYC, all black ensembles into something special…because these semi-precious items-some with gemstones, while elegant-are also BOLD.

Plus-the hand worked craftsmanship and heft of the silver pieces are substantial… which makes sense since Hudson’s hails from a family of jewelers. Even the clasps are unique.

WHERE TO BUY IT: Debut- NYC, Halls –Kansas City, MO, The Tenth Muse Gallery-Maplewood N.J., Vanderbilt-Nantucket, MA