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With the end of winter come dry skin and hair and only a few weeks to get your skin ready to see the light of day again.
Always in search of some great eco friendly products, we recently tried out the JANE CARTER SOLUTION – homegrown hair care line. The line uses natural ingredients such as: essential oils, shea butter, and vitamins.

WHO IS JANE CARTER: Jane’s a real person, not a made-up marketing name. Furthermore, she’s got over 20 years of experience tending tresses behind her, part of that included traveling with Clairol’s National Style Tea and owning her own highly successful New Jersey salon.

WHAT’S DIFFERENT: Jane wanted to offer her customers products that would actually improve the quality of their hair from the inside out, rather than a quick surface fix that would only last until you washed the product out of your hair.

THE KEY: Natural ingredients. Jane replaced synthetic ingredients like dimethicone and petroleum and instead uses naturally based products such as botanical oils, sea botanicals, and natural proteins in her 13-product collection.

Our big post-winter problem was a dry itchy scalp, so we tried the HAIR NOURISHING SERUM and the SCALP NOURISHING SERUM and used NOURISH AND SHINE for our cracking hands and torn cuticles.

1. SCALP NOURISHING SERUM – this rich oil smells as good as the aromatherapy you get in an Aveda salon massage. A few drops of this massaged into our hairline instantly did away with the persistent itchiness we had after only one application. Be warned though, this is A LEAVE IN treatment, so it’s best to wear your hair in a ponytail that day of in a headband if your hair’s too short, as we did. Although it’s thick, never fear, it washes out easily. Used for a prolonged period of time, it claims to promote healthy hair growth. It’s an excellent idea to apply this right after getting your hair colored to soothe your scalp after the chemicals that have just been put on it.

2. HAIR NOURISHING SERUM - This daily use oil is much lighter and is equally easy to use. Just warm a few drops in the palm of your hand and massage in and DONE. Our hair looked noticeably glossier and didn’t feel at all greasy. Used over time, the serum stops breakage also a must for those of us who color or highlight our hair.

3. NOURISH AND SHINE – This emollient butter has 2 uses: #1 as nourishing pomade and #2 as emollient hand and body butter. If your skin is flaking, this is just the thing, as we discovered after a long NY-LA flight. Your skin absorbs it right away, but that’s okay – it’s 100% natural.

Visit Jane’s official website
Call toll-free 1.877.424.7227
Also available at Whole Foods, The Vitamin Shop, Trade Secret, and health food stores and salons throughout the US.