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LA Fashion Week: Kevan Hall's Fall 2007 Runway show

Timestamp: Thursday, March 22, 2007, 8:30pm
Show rating: ++

By Vivian G. Kelly

Photographs courtesy of Kevan Hall

Perhaps Mr. Hall was inspired by our recent trip to France as members of the delegation who attended the Study Tour of French Design, Luxury Industries and Intellectual Property, organized by L’Ambassadeur, Jean-David Levitte and his superb staff. Fittingly, the pre-runway music was a voiceover by Captain Tod Hallman and First Purser Danielle Cooper
exhorting their passengers to fasten their seatbelts and put up their tray tables before takeoff.

Mr. Hall’s woman is a lady, and this season, she’s enamored of the glamorous forties. There was a tailored ruby herringbone transit suit, with sharp shoulders and loose elbow-length sleeves. Lana Marks accessorized the daywear with crocodile tote bags and briefcases. The structured pieces perfectly complemented the refined clothes. The navy and bronze polka dot v-front dress drew applause…

Lands' End Summer Chic

LANDS’ END-Summer Chic Garb for the Entire Family

Text and photos by J. Ecochard

Prepster favorite Lands’ End ( has expanded its appeal way beyond the hallowed halls of posh boarding schools. The durable tote bags cut from sturdy canvas and trimmed in nautically inspired shades-are still huge sellers. But the new tropically tinged, feminine lingerie separates and sorbet smooth, pastel colored baby gear…should attract non-sailors to the line. And lets face it…American men wear flattering board shorts…and women, enduring maillots and matching sarongs for dips in the ocean or relaxing by the pool. And Lands’ End reliably delivers deeply saturated hues, (deep sea blue, sparkling turquoise, fire engine red), that brightly update the classically cut summer attire for Spring 2007.

Posted and edited by J. Ecochard

Guess Bags Fall 2007 Preview Collection

Guess Bags-Delicious!
Text and Photographs by J. Ecochard

The Fall 2007 Runways exhibited a trend among some youth oriented designers-that recognized the maturation of their targeted customers. Meaning, the ladies now have jobs, husbands, mortgages etc…and a slew of different wardrobe needs that require looking professional and pulled together.

Paul Marciano, the marketing/design genius behind the Guess labels and the brilliant B&W print ads that launched Anna Nicole Smith (and a gazillion Anna wannabes, look wise), has successfully launched an accessories line chock full of yummy leather and canvas vinyl handbags, clutches and satchels…that manages to look luxe and at an affordable price point ($75-$125). Featuring the perfect amount of stylish silver and gold hardware (via a reworked “G” signature buckles, grommets and clasps), roomy side pockets for Ipods, sturdy double straps for hauling gear and crafted from luscious burnished copper, black and gold leathers (that manage to look…

HairMax miracle hair growth comb event at Bruno Jamais Supper Club

HAIRMAX- a “hair loss treatment in a healthy new light.”

Text and photos by J. Ecochard

We all know the demographics…the baby boomer generation is booming. So while there are countless numbers of products aimed at keeping this segment of the population looking young, very few actually work; hence, the expression, ‘hope in a jar.’

Needless to say, when Lexington International LLC launched HAIRMAX LaserComb, a handheld laser device promoting hair growth in males, a collective group of skeptical eyes, probably rolled over with a significant, ‘whatever’ shrug of the shoulders. But blessed with FDA clearance- based on four separate clinical studies showing an increase in the average number of terminal (thick) hairs-eyes are now glued to the Hairmax LaserComb website (, the sole retail outlet for this amazing medical laser instrument that’s a cinch to use and only requires a daily 10-15 minute application for results. No wonder the New York introduction party at the exclusive…

Andrew Buckler's "Close Encounters" show - NY, Fall07

Andrew Buckler

Timestamp: Saturday, February 3, 5pm
The Andrew Buckler “Close Encounters” runway show at Bryant Park
The verdict: ++

By Vivian G. Kelly
Photographs by J. Ecochard

The Andrew Buckler runway show: the first half
On his invitation, Mr. Buckler promised, “close encounters” [of the third kind?] He drew inspiration from “anatomical muscular illustrations whose medical influence inspires a cleaner refined look.” Fused with a sci-fi edge and you have one heck of a presentation that captivated us from start to finish. Sometimes fashion IS pure theatre, and Mr. Buckler set the stage well, while waiting for the show to start, the background music sounded like a satellite transmission, and the lights at the foot of the runway look like those of a flying saucer’s. All this made us feel as if we were on the set of “X-Files”.

Molly Jackson’s glass jewelry was extraordinary and contributed to the rock n roll meets cyber world vibe. We loved the glass gauntlets trimmed with red patent leath…

Lingerie Americas Fall 2007 Preview

The Lingerie Americas New York Show, Feb. 2007

Text and photos by J. Ecochard

If there’s anything to persuade today’s young Hollywood types to give up their often photographed ‘in commando’ ways…meaning, wearing no underwear…it would have to be a stroll through the aisles of this lingerie packed trade show.

The 200+ purveyors of lingerie, sleepwear and shapewear covered a host of sensuous cuts and fabrics for all body types. Beginning with high-end brands such as Aubade, La Perla, Le Mystere and Huit, these Europeans showed stunning neutrals and jeweled tones pieces made from lace, silk and mixed fabric (cotton, spandex, lycra etc) in well cut bras, thongs, bikinis and briefs. As to be expected when the undergarbs are still made in the Continent’s own factories, the fit and finishes (less frilly than past seasons) are superb.

America’s own luxe designs included super sexy silk bras and thongs from New York’s line Vagin Pouvoir. Additionally, big fashion labels like Donna Karan, Vera Wa…

Carolina Herrera Fashion Show review - Fall 2007

The date and time: Monday, February 5, 2007, 10:35am
The Carolina Herrera runway show, the Tent, Bryant Park
The verdict: ++

By Vivian G. Kelly

Photographs courtesy of Getty Images

Ms. Herrera is always smartly sophisticated, a quality that alas is missing from our culture’s current zeitgeist. We're living in a culture in which women seem to aspire to model themselves on the vacuous Paris Hilton and to dress in infantile baby doll styles.
Meanwhile at Herrera, her customers can look forward to luxurious pieces that include a brown mink Audrey Style jacket [remember her ski outfit in XXX?] and a silver snakeskin sheath dress with an open keyhole neckline for cocktails and a sweet round neck dove gray dress with Cossack sleeves and fabric rosettes covering the buttons on the back. PETA is apparently not a concern here, as fur is part of the sophisticated jet-setters wardrobe regardless of PETA’s initiatives. The gray fur scarves looked beautiful over a sheer blouse and wide trousers, as …

French sensation, Gerard Darel

Gerard Darel-France’s It Bag w/o the Tourists.

By J. Ecochard

Everyone emulates the way the French women dress…the scarves draped just so, the luxe skirt or top, very expensive but worn forever. And so… there are a plethora of French designers who design these garments and accoutrements-that are not worn by the masses, but by those in the know.

Gerard Darel a 25 year veteran of France’s accessories scene, has taken control of this year’s “It Bag” mantel with the 24 Heures Drape Satchel, aka the “Charlotte,” in honor of his muse (and daughter of Jane Birkin-Hermes bag acclaim)) Charlotte Gainsbourg. Available in sensuous buttery leathers, hip snakeskin and metallics, knobby knits or plush velvets, this bag as well as Darel’s smaller clutch designs, work as hauling basics for sophisticated urbanites and the country dwellers who demand the best in craftsmanship.

Similarly the women’s clothing line acknowledges the feminine desire for clothes that are chic; cut from quality fabrics and that …