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The Destination=THE BIG UNWIND

With the 'journey' now being more stressful than ever (high gas prices! airport delays! flights canceled!) the destination needs to be more 'calming' than ever for need to chill out seekers. 

For Value Budgeteers wanting self-care with a tad less emphasis on the 'self' (as in selfish) part-the non-profit Le Monastère Des Augustines, very accessible from the tourist destination-Old Quebec City...offers basic and contemporary rooms, healthy meals-dining (and snacks/picnics to go), multiple inclusive wellness packages or á la carte hands on holistic options of soothing pampering massages and treatments,  mental respites in leafy green outdoor sanctuaries -including yoga, private meditations/movement sessions -and seasonal winter cross-country- downhill skiing on the slopes of nearby mountains.

With a history of spiritualism combined with the healing -Le Monastère Des Augustines has reimagined and updated its historic architectural structures and thoughtfully preserved its cultural art/heritage-visually adding to this unique setting for travelers-in groups or solo wanderers.

BONUS: Located in the  French speaking part of Canada where everyone also speaks English, 1$ USA is worth (around)  1.30$ Canadian...and surplus revenues/donations go to fulfilling the original Augustinian Sisters' mission of supportive help for professional and individual caregivers, alike.

INFO: Le Monastère Des Augustines  

Added Note: This retreat is the real deal- several Le Monastère Des Augustines representatives hosted a briefing at the Italian family owned (AND CERTIFIED B CORP.)- Davines/ Comfort Zone USA headquarters that centered on the Augustinian Sisters' mission of healthcare for all.

BTW: The Brooklyn located HQ of sustainable beauty/hair/skincare brands- Davines/Comfort Zone = an architectural wonder. It is huge-15,000+ sq ft of careful preservation, with lush indoor/outdoor greenery,  a terrace the size of a tennis court (3000 sq ft) with views of the Manhattan skyline, and an imported ginormous espresso machine that doubles as a piece of gleaming metal sculpture. 

It hosts open to the public art exhibitions... 

Los Cabos - Mexico has attracted golfers, relocated ex-pats and enthusiastic water/boater/fishing sports types for many years. Easily accessible from the lower 48, this desert, semi-arid and two oceans'  front  paradise appeals to upscale spa-type travelers as well-including those looking for a more 'relaxed' setting than the formally relaxed Tulum. 

The Waldorf Astoria  collection of five star hotels/resorts --has opened a Los Cabos staycation destination (Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedrigal),  with an amazing spa facility that entices nearby day trippers and resort guests alike with personalized, healing pampering. 

Interestingly enough, the menu of Luna Y Mar spa services/treatments- philosophically embraces the 4 phases of  moon cycles fused with the area's folklore healing practices and the ocean's bounty (like hand harvested mineral rich seaweed extracts) but doesn't hammer head in the spiritual aspects for those non woo woo types needing a get the knots out deep massage or a pedicure (either). 

Chatting with the engaging Los Cabos Pedrigal 's Adriana Silva at a recent Organic Spa event-we got the basics on cycle treatments. The energy flows of waxing-waning, full-new moons-are, after all, prominent  life decision-making elements for sailors, folks who fish for a living, and many hard-nosed financial traders alike (YUP-true).

So the moon's meaningful impact on treatment selections (for renewal, creative flows, balancing, restoration) makes sense.  

Luxury: Water and spa wellness facilities  including steam rooms, saunas, ice rooms and pools (including a sublime sea water salt soak one) are freely available to spa goers to use. 

In -room treatment options are available too.