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Athlete Essentials: Be Safe/Be Seen



Adventures abroad, biking afar, hiking nearby, solo workers-interactwith strangers -or- for kids/elderly on their own...people now have choices for electronic safety monitoring systems...that rely on satellites as notification system. 
Inspired by a horrific home invasion, the brains behind this affordable safety alert system crafted an easy to use -finger size WEARSAFE TAG-device-pictured above-on the left-that pairs with a smartphone/notepad...and when engaged, can send out an emergency signal to the smartphones-with the WearSafe download-able app- of up to 12 people, The monitoring service-$5/month - $60 a year-is better than other systems out there-that send alerts to Emergency workers only-(often resulting in false-unnecessary actions), WearSafe allows those contacted to hear what's going on too-for a minute prior to an event-and after an alert goes out. Benefits among many-allows for the contacted to in turn-decide on an appropriate (coordinated-interacting through the app) response-including whether calling 911-one touch-even via the app (GPS coordinate's= exact location-when TAG engaged). FYI-attaches easily to keys, or clips on waistbands/pockets (ring/clip attachments)...wearers of device get a silent vibration each time someone gets one's alert. Multiple press settings, water resistant, and automatic battery status notifications-and can pair/mange multiple TAGS.
The best one out there, short of a personal body guard-and no surprise, a big hit at the most recent Consumer Electronics Tradeshow is the affordable WearSafe Alert  -a thumb size WEARSAFE Tag -clicker like device...that pairs with one's smartphone that can be up to 200 feet away...and when engaged (pressed) can send out an emergency alert to one's pre-determined contacts (via the  Google Play/Apple-down-loadable app). Bonus-on-scene audio capabilities, allows for multiple contacts to be alerted-can coordinate action via a group chat, emergency responders can view medical information via users profile...IMPRESSIVE!

Above picture-shows what the WEARSAFE ALERT app-when engaged looks like to recipients of the alert-including detailed  location map...subscription plans include free TAG...also available at Best Buy etc.

Early or late hours outdoors-means less visibility for car/truck drivers-who might be even MORE distracted these days. Reflective clothing -is helpful but a bright bold solid or flashing LED light is better-alerting vehicular traffic from afar...that a human is ahead.
Nite Ize offers several inexpensive, weather impervious solutions for outdoor visibility-including SlapIt™ slap wrap wristlet-that fit comfortably and securely with  LED light-solid/flashing and this handy non-bulky LED Run Vest-that we use for biking in the summer- allows for air flow -practically weightless.slips over our top, and there's a handy zip back pocket for out smartphone. Armband version too $9.99

The FLIPO GROUP's weather resistant SAFE STEPS LED Clip-On Shoe Safety Light...$8.99-circular design allows for its ultra bright LED light (steady/flashing) to horizontally slip on the back of sneakers/bike shoe heels-securely . Replaceable lithium batteries.