Monday, January 9, 2017


Practically an American holiday-Sunday playoffs -for football-and B-Ball games leading up to March madness...are best watched with a another (or others). Best bites choices can be fast, easy and creative-to compensate for potential boredom.

Some ideas that bring some sophisticated international flair for sophisticated palates...that pair up well with many kinds of beers/wines

Chewy Spanish Sabor olives-fresh green olives -are delectable on their own (or as the 'dirty' part of a chilled martini)-but for party-festive occasion...add some life...with fast dress-upped selections - stuffed with smoked cheese/nuts/basilgoat cheese/chopped green apple,  jalapeño, or classic pimento.

Widely available Jalsberg's delicious classic taste-mild, mellow and a bit nutty...naturally lactose and gluten free -now can be had in individually wrapped Cheese snacks-3/4oz in stick format-perfect for piling up in large serving bowls -right along side a bowl of chips/pretzels.
TO switch up the usual dips-goat cheese based alternatives are a step up from the usual sour cream and dry soup mixes of past parties. Snøfrisk gives a tangy twist to fresh crudités (baby carrots, julienne strips of green/red/yellow peppers,  cauliflower, celery and/or crispbreads/ crackers)...with the consistency of creamy cream cheese that is  ready to eat straight out of the container-or easily whipped up in dips mixed in with garlic -dill (or other herbs) -and sour cream/yogurt for a thinner-creamier texture that chips can handle.
And a discovery we had back in the day on a trip touring Scandinavia-was the distinct mellow flavor and practically caramel-fudge like - melt in your mouth consistency of Ski Queen Gjetost (goat-cow cheese with milk and cream) and slightly sharper-tangy-er tasting Ekte Geitost cheeses-100% goat's milk whey ... semi-hard cheeses -now readily available on this side of the POND. Serving ideas for these full body cheeses=very thinly sliced-- atop basic crackers or slices of toast-or crisp pizza crust-in an all cheese take on American staple-or even better (imo)... melted in a dessert fondue (with flour-thickening-and apple or orange juice)...a winter welcome with crisp apple slices-juicy berries-corn bread chunks (skewers needed)-that happily feeds a crowd.